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Chapter 847

847 Romantic? Maybe 6

“What happened?”

“His Royal Highness struck out with his blade without hesitation . He wanted to kill that girl to save himself the trouble!”

Feng Wu’s tent was close by and she was cultivating as she kept an eye on Yu Mingye .

However, it was so noisy outside that she kept picking up bits of conversation .

None of it would have bothered Feng Wu on a normal day, for she had always been able to enter the state of meditation . But now, she realized that she was unable to do so!

What was more, she felt agitated .

She kept going back to the moment when Jun Linyuan saved Gongsun Qing .


Feng Wu smacked herself on the head . Focus!

When her mind finally settled and she was able to work on her cultivation, she heard the conversation between Gongsun Qing and Shi Xuan .

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How… frustrating .

Gongsun Qing asked, “What? Really?”

“Yes!” Shi Xuan patted her chest, looking frightened . “I was told that His Royal Highness was relentless! He didn’t even blink before he struck out! But he just saved you!”

Gongsun Qing smiled shyly .

Shi Xuan went on . “So, His Royal Highness must like you a lot! Wow, you’re going to marry him —”

Gongsun Qing nudged her gently . “Stop it!”

“Why, somebody’s shy . ”

“Hey, don’t you run away!”

“Your Royal Highness, I’m so scared . ”

“Shi Xuan!”

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Those words unsettled Feng Wu and she felt so agitated!

Just then —

The door to the tent opened and a tall figure entered .

Before she could say anything, the person said in a commanding voice, “Open your mouth!”

Jun Linyuan!

Why was he back?

“Why? I’m not opening my mouth just because you tell me to! Who do you think you are?!” Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan, reminding him of a little tiger .

Jun Linyuan snorted . “Are you going to open your mouth or not?”

“No!” Resting her hands on her waist, Feng Wu raised her chin proudly .

However, the next second!

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Pinching her chin between his fingers, Jun Linyuan stuffed something into her mouth with the other hand .

Retch —

Something cold and slimy slid down her throat before she could react!

Feng Wu wanted to spit it out, but!

Jun Linyuan had put his hand on her throat!

His palm radiated spiritual essence and warmed up that thing!

The thing melted almost immediately and reached Feng Wu’s dantian within minutes, where it entered her bloodstream and she could no longer spit it out .

Feng Wu looked shocked!

She stared at Jun Linyuan . “What on earth did you put into my mouth?!”

“What do you think?”

“It was wet and slimy, like an internal elixir . ”

“Yup . ” Jun Linyuan looked pleased .

Xuan Yi was right: girls were petty creatures, Jun Linyuan thought . He had just done a magnanimous thing . This way, she would be pleased, wouldn’t she?

This was the first time that the crown prince had ever tried to please a girl .

“You fed the internal elixir of a magical beast to me?!” Feng Wu’s heart raced . “Don’t tell me it belonged to that Frosty Night Beast!”

“It did . ” Jun Linyuan nodded .

Feng Wu: !!!

She was furious!

“You fed its internal elixir to me?! I had other plans for that internal elixir! You idiot!”

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