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Chapter 849

849 Interesting

Xuan Yi and Feng Xun were eavesdropping outside, and both of them blanched at Feng Wu’s words .

That girl had just alluded to His Majesty! How bold!

Jun Linyuan’s face turned livid .

Kicking the door open, he stormed out .

“Boss Jun —” Xuan Yi and Feng Xun followed him in a hurry .

Turning around, Jun Linyuan stared at Xuan Yi furiously!

His gaze was so intense that it gave Xuan Yi the creeps .

Only then did Jun Linyuan turn back and march off .

Everywhere he went, the ice cracked under his feet .

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It was only after the crown prince was out of sight that Feng Xun said indignantly, “Xuan the Second, what did you do to piss Boss Jun off this time?”

“I didn’t do anything . I told him something . That’s all . ”

“Since when are you capable of doing that? You pissed Boss Jun off with just a few words?”

Wasn’t Boss Jun supposed to go around with his poker face?

Xuan Yi rubbed his nose .

What did he say?

Well, he told the crown prince that girls were all petty, and as a guy, the crown prince should be magnanimous and offer her a way out . The girl would jump at the opportunity .

However —

Xuan Yi rubbed his forehead in frustration .

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How was he supposed to know how badly the crown prince would handle this? What a waste of such a precious internal elixir…

Feng Xun threw a dirty look at Xuan Yi . “Didn’t you say that Boss Jun likes my sister? What are you going to say now?”

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

“Go talk to Boss Jun . Please have him leave my sister alone . ”

Xuan Yi’s mouth hung open .

“I’ll go comfort that girl . Sigh . She’s got such a big heart . Anyone else would’ve felt so defeated . ”

Xuan Yi’s mouth remained open .

The tent was some distance away from the crowd and most of the other people didn’t hear what happened .

Hence, the others didn’t know about the quarrel between Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan .

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Feng Xun entered the tent to find his beloved sister sitting there, sulking .

“Hey, hey —” Feng Xun patted Feng Wu’s shoulder to make her look at him .

“What now?”

Feng Wu had yet to calm down from the quarrel and was still breathing hard .

“Sister, do calm down . That’s just how Boss Jun is . You’ll get used to it, hahaha —”

“Get used to it? Why should I get used to him? He better stay out of my way!”

Feng Xun said, “Actually… he didn’t mean it . ”

Feng Wu said, “No, he so did!”

“Is it that serious?”

“Yes, it is!” Feng Wu snorted . “Otherwise, why did he feed me the internal elixir of that Frosty Night Beast? He was making fun of me!”

Feng Wu shuddered as she spoke .

It was freezing…

The cold was rising up from her dantian .

Feng Wu felt as if her dantian had frozen up!

“So, you think Boss Jun was making fun of you by feeding you the internal elixir?”

“Was he not?” Feng Wu showed him her palm, which was covered in a thin layer of frost .

It pained Feng Xun to see it!

“Why is this happening?”

Feng Wu smirked . “I’ve swallowed the internal elixir of that Frosty Night Beast, alright? It has the coldest energy you can possibly think of . Even if one wants to eat it, the thing has to be processed carefully by medicine refiners first . It can only be consumed once it’s made into a potion . And what did he do? He just shoved it down my throat!”

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