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Chapter 846

846 Romantic? Maybe 5

Then, Jun Linyuan tossed her in Xuan Yi’s direction .

Xuan Yi leapt up, caught Gongsun Qing, and helped her to land steadily on her feet .

Gongsun Qing was over the moon…

With her left hand, she kept stroking her right arm where His Royal Highness had held her…

His Royal Highness had touched her arm . Gongsun Qing stood there in a daze and couldn’t stop smiling .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Jun Linyuan and the Frosty Night Beast fought fiercely in the air and were soon out of sight .

A hush fell over the crowd .

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Everyone shuddered when a gust of wind swept across the campsite .

Having lost their tents and food, and coupled with the fact that they hadn’t slept much last night, they were now stuck between hunger and cold . To make it worse, they had been attacked by that Frosty Night Beast . They were miserable!

Feng Wu was the only one with a tent, and many eyed her with jealousy .

But because of what Feng Xun had said, no one dared to mess with Feng Wu anymore .

Although Feng Xun and Xuan Yi had gone off after that Frosty Night Beast, the others still didn’t dare touch Feng Wu’s belongings .

As the head of the team, Xuanyuan Yi did what a leader should do in a time like this .

After Jun Linyuan went off, he stepped up as commander .

The candidates here consisted of three teams, and everyone was given tasks . Some went to find firewood, some went hunting or fishing, and some worked as support . Everything was in order .

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Feng Wu wasn’t part of that system, for her top priority now was to cure Yu Mingye .

And to treat her own wounds .

The campsite was soon back to its boisterous state .

“Princess, look . That Gongsun Qing is still in a trance,” said Yao Ying, half of whose face was covered with bandages .

She now despised all pretty girls and secretly wished to destroy all their faces .

Mu Yaoyao couldn’t help but look at Gongsun Qing .

Gongsun Qing remained where she was and kept touching her right arm with her left hand . Her expression changed constantly, as she smiled one moment and was sad the next . She then bit her lip, smiling shyly… Mu Yaoyao recognized that look right away!

So, Gongsun Qing was in love with His Royal Highness…

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Mu Yaoyao flared up!

Gongsun Qing wasn’t by herself . Shi Xuan, her friend, was next to her .

Shi Xuan chuckled . “Sister Qing, it’s so chilly here at the valley entrance . Let’s find a warmer spot inside .

Gongsun Qing shook her head and kept looking into the distance .

Shi Xuan grinned . “Sister Qing, His Royal Highness isn’t coming back any time soon . Standing here won’t change anything . ”

With her secret laid bare, Gongsun Qing was a little exasperated . She cast a stern look at Shi Xuan . “How does His Royal Highness have anything to do with this? I’m not standing here because of him!”

Shi Xuan said, “Yes, of course . You’re not standing here for anything . So, can we please go back inside? His Royal Highness will be distraught if you catch a cold . ”

Gongsun Qing said, “Do you think he really will…”

“Of course . Why not?” Shi Xuan grinned . “We all know how nonchalant and aloof His Royal Highness is . He never talks to anyone unless it’s necessary or helps anyone out . But he just saved you . ”

“Really?” Gongsun Qing lowered her head, playing with a lock of her hair .

“Yes,” Shi Xuan said affirmatively . “Can you remember His Royal Highness rescuing any other girl?”

“…I don’t think so . ”

“That’s right . I heard that there was this girl who got snatched by an eagle in Northern Border City once!” Shi Xuan was clearly very well-informed . “Do you know what happened next?”

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