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Chapter 845

845 Romantic? Maybe 4

Of all the seven members of the education board, three had gone into seclusion . The other four members were all here in the room .

They were Grand Secretary Fang, Priest Wu, Xuanyuan Kun, and Gongsun Lan .

Gongsun Lan was an unmarried female elder of the Gongsun clan, and none other than Gongsun Qing’s paternal grandaunt .

Gongsun Qing had been brought up by this grandaunt!

“The physical tryout is too dangerous now . At this point, it’s way beyond what the candidates can handle . We have to get them out of there now . ” Elder Xuanyuan was very adamant .

But Grand Secretary Fang shook his head .

Feng Wu needed that Frosty Night Beast, and Grand Secretary Fang had communicated with her already . She didn’t want to give up .

Hence, Grand Secretary Fang insisted, “His Royal Highness has led a team into the snowfield; they’ll handle that Frosty Night Beast . If the beast is what concerns you, there’s really no need . ”

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Elder Xuanyuan wanted to object, but Grand Secretary Fang only smiled at him . “Do you have doubts about His Royal Highness?”

“Of course not . His Royal Highness is such a powerful cultivator . ”

“You have questions about His Royal Highness’s capability, then?”

“I’m sure nothing can defeat His Royal Highness . ”

“Then what’s bothering you?”

Things turned south in the snowfield while they were still discussing the matter in front of the screen!

Gongsun Qing was snatched!

Gongsun Lan’s stomach lurched! No!

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But just as she was about to rise to her feet, she saw the crown prince strike out!

Elder Xuanyuan insisted, “It’s too dangerous out there . Grand Secretary Fang, are you going to do nothing? Who’s going to take responsibility if things go wrong?!”

Gongsun Lan stared at Elder Xuanyuan .

“They went in there with the knowledge that it was going to be dangerous! How are they supposed to defend their empire if they panic as soon as something comes up?! What other achievements can we expect from them then?!”

Elder Xuanyuan was baffled!

What the heck?!

Wasn’t this old hag supposed to be on his side? Didn’t she insist earlier that they should get everyone out of there? Why did she change her mind?

When Elder Xuanyuan glanced at the screen —

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He saw the crown prince fighting that Frosty Night Beast .

Elder Xuanyuan smirked . “I see . Gongsun Lan, that’s your plan, isn’t it?”

“What plan?”

“Look, His Royal Highness is saving a damsel in distress . The next thing we know, the damsel is going to throw herself into her savior’s arms . ” Elder Xuanyuan snorted .

“What damsel? What savior? You old fool and your head filled with filthy ideas! Although —” Gongsun Lan smiled a little .

Elder Xuanyuan turned to Grand Secretary Fang with a smile . “If I remember correctly, your granddaughter has a crush on His Royal Highness as well . ”

So, Elder Xuanyuan was trying to cast a bone between Gongsun Lan and Grand Secretary Fang .

Gongsun Lan smiled . “Let the youngsters decide for themselves . Plus, didn’t His Royal Highness annulled his marriage contract before? His former fiancee was that little Feng Wu, wasn’t it?”

Gongsun Lan didn’t pay much attention to Mu Yaoyao; she was experienced enough to tell right away that Mu Yaoyao stood no chance in this competition .

As for little Feng Wu… She was such a beautiful girl .

Back in the snowfield —

After another strike from Jun Linyuan, Gongsun Qing fell through the air .

She had just let out a shriek, when Jun Linyuan lent her a hand .

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