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Chapter 844

844 Romantic? Maybe 3

The beast had the head of a dragon and the body of a lion, and a pair of wings stuck out from its back!

It was covered in white fur which was so translucent that it reminded one of ice and snow!

When it rolled around in the snow, it blended into the background and almost became invisible!

“That’s a powerful beast!”

Xuan Yi stumbled back when the beast’s formidable aura reached them like a blast of wind .

“It’s that Frosty Night Beast . ” Jun Linyuan’s eyes glittered .

The beast landed from above and roared in the direction of the campsite!

The sound wave hit the campsite like a tidal wave!


A gust of wind swept across the campsite!

All hell broke loose!

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“What’s going on?”

“What was that?”

“That sound was so frightening!”

Everyone looked up at the sky!

That strange snowy white beast was circling over their heads!

“A Frosty Night Beast! Oh god! That’s a Frosty Night Beast!”

Some of the candidates were more experienced than the others, such as Xuanyuan Yi .

He recognized at once that this was the formidable beast which resided in the center of Proud Snowfield .

The beast then flapped its wings . Whoosh!

The candidates, who had gathered together, were swept away in all directions and scattered all over the ground .

Everyone moaned in pain .

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The Frosty Night Beast was as formidable as it was said to be . With one dive, it broke their ranks .

It plunged down again and snatched someone off the ground!

“Ah! Gongsun Qing!”


“It got Gongsun Qing!”

Everyone was astonished!

What a beast!

It had taken Gongsun Qing before they could even blink!

Gongsun Qing finally realized what had happened and shrieked!

“Ah! Help! Help me!”

Feng Wu had just finished treating Yu Mingye, and she walked out of the tent at the noise .

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The first thing she saw was the Frosty Night Beast taking away Gongsun Qing .

It reminded her of Jun Linyuan .

Back in Northern Border City, Feng Wu had been snatched by an eagle . Jun Linyuan was so merciless at that time . Instead of trying to save her, he almost killed her .

However, the guy was no better now . He was as unrelenting and cold-hearted as ever .

Only a couple of months had passed since then, but Feng Wu felt like it was a lifetime away .

Right at that moment!

A figure leapt up with a sword in his hand!

“His Royal Highness!”

“It’s His Royal Highness!”

“He’s saving Gongsun Qing!”

The next moment, Jun Linyuan struck at the Frosty Night Beast’s paw!

The Frosty Night Beast tossed Gongsun Qing into its mouth!

Jun Linyuan then struck the beast’s mouth!

Feng Wu saw everything!

Because of that, she narrowed her eyes .

She couldn’t help but recall how merciless Jun Linyuan had been when she was snatched . He had never thought about rescuing her!

He even tried to kill her!

But now, that same person had struck out twice to save Gongsun Qing!

For some unknown reason… Feng Wu felt a lump in her throat . She wanted to cry .

In front of the screen —

Imperial College .

An emergency meeting was being held because of the awakened Frosty Night Beast .

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