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Chapter 843

843 Romantic? Maybe 2

Xuan Yi had barely started before Feng Wu cast a stern look at him . Her tone was emotionless . “Mention him again and you’re out of here . ”

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

He had to change the subject to Yu Mingye . “How’s he doing?”

By that, he meant: when can you leave this tent?

A certain guy would never lighten up if she stayed here in the tent…

Feng Wu frowned and shook her head . “His temperature won’t go down and he’s in critical condition . I have to stay here tonight to look after him . ”


As in, a whole night?

Xuan Yi’s face darkened .

“Problem?” Feng Wu frowned .

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“How about I stay here tonight?”

“Do you know how to treat him?”


“Then what good can you do?”

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

The girl was so relentless .

Seeing that Feng Wu was almost done with treating Yu Mingye, Xuan Yi couldn’t help but remind her again . “Little Feng Wu, if you think about it, you’ll realize that Boss Jun has been very kind to you . If only —”

Feng Wu sneered at Xuan Yi before Xuan Yi could finish his sentence .

“So, he was doing me a favor when he told me to get lost? What will he do when he’s not ‘kind’? Kill me?”

“I didn’t mean that…”

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“Xuan Yi, I didn’t know you were this talkative and meddlesome . ”

“I just… don’t want you two to misunderstand each other . ”

With the two of them falling out, the mood of the entire campsite was affected! Everyone was on edge!

“There’s no misunderstanding between me and him . ”

Feng Wu stared at Xuan Yi with bright eyes devoid of warmth as she said, “I’ll only repeat myself once: There’s no misunderstanding about what happened between me and him!”

Xuan Yi finally saw how difficult Feng’s job was .

“Fine, fine . Go figure it out yourselves . I’ve had enough . ”

Both of them were more stubborn than a bull, and Xuan Yi was at the end of his rope .

He raised the curtain to fine Feng Xun outside .

Xuan Yi patted Feng Xun on the shoulder . “Stay in this tent today . Got it?”

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“No, I won’t!”

“It’s an order from Boss Jun!”


“That’s what Boss Jun said . Are you going to defy him?”

Feng Xun rubbed his chin . “Well, if Boss Jun wants me to stay here… Fine, I’ll keep an eye on that Yu Mingye!”

Jun Linyuan wasn’t in the campsite, but had climbed a mountain peak .

The lower hem of his robe flapped in the cold wind .

Xuan Yi went up to him and said indifferently, “That guy’s pretty sick . His fever won’t go down . ”

Jun Linyuan replied with a snort .

“Little Feng Wu is going to stay in the tent and look after that guy tonight . ”

Jun Linyuan’s face turned livid at those words!

“But Feng Xun has offered to stay with her tonight as well, just in case his sister needs a hand . ”

Xuan Yi saw Boss Jun’s face lighten up a little right away .

The guy was still trying to hide his feelings even now . What was wrong with telling her how he really felt?

All of a sudden!


There was a loud noise!

“What was that?” Xuan Yi looked into the distance and saw smoke rising from the snowfield down below!

“Look!” Xuan Yi pointed at the smoke and looked baffled .

Even Jun Linyuan was alarmed .

Before long, a magical beast resembling a white dragon ran out of the smoke and charged in their direction .

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