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Chapter 842

842 Romantic? Maybe 1

Jun Linyuan pointed a finger at Feng Wu!

That immediately silenced everyone .

All eyes were on Feng Wu, and Feng Wu was equally baffled herself .

“Pfft —”

Gongsun Qing was the first one to laugh out loud .

She glanced at Feng Wu and said in a taunting voice, “Did you hear that? His Royal Highness told you to get lost!”

Mu Yaoyao chimed in and scoffed at Feng Wu . “Go away now . Are you going to defy His Royal Highness?”

Many others joined in and sneered at Feng Wu .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu turned to Jun Linyuan .

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She tried to reason with the guy . “Yu Mingye has a high fever and he’s very weak . He needs that place to rest . Jun Linyuan, you know perfectly well why he’s this sick . ”

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu in an intimidating manner .

“Therefore, please let me have this spot . ” Gritting her teeth, Feng Wu spoke in a solemn tone .

Jun Linyuan only snorted .

Seeing that the guy wouldn’t give in, Feng Wu stressed, “He can die! I’m not joking!”

Jun Linyuan said coldly, “All the better . ”

Feng Wu was speechless .

She didn’t want to say another word to Jun Linyuan . Snatching Yu Mingye off Feng Xun’s back, Feng Wu turned to leave!

“Leave this place and I’ll kill him!”

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Jun Linyuan spoke in an intimidating voice .

Feng Wu: !!!

Fighting back her rage with all her might, Feng Wu trembled from head to toe!

Turning around, she met Jun Linyuan’s gaze and glared at the guy!

Jun Linyuan! You’ve crossed the line!

She couldn’t keep the spot and she wasn’t allowed to leave .

Pleading wasn’t an option, neither was fighting…

Jun Linyuan didn’t like her . That was that .

However, Feng Wu had to admit that Jun Linyuan was capable of killing Yu Mingye if he was really pissed . She couldn’t risk Yu Mingye’s life .

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At that thought, Feng Wu took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down .

She found another spot that was shielded from the wind . Feng Xun quickly set up the tent without her having to say anything .

Feng Wu then gave Feng Xun instructions right away . “I need firewood, hot water, ice…”

After listing everything she wanted, she went into the tent .

She was alone with that guy again!

Jun Linyuan was so angry that he wanted to kick that tent away again!

Xuan Yi stopped him in time .

He could tell that Feng Wu was on the verge of losing her temper . The girl would explode if the crown prince pissed her off again . When that happened, Boss Jun’s feelings would be hurt even more .

“Let me go have a look . Maybe I can help them . ” Xuan Yi then turned to leave .

Seeing that the crown prince didn’t stop him, Xuan Yi let out a sigh of relief . The guy had given his tacit permission .

Mu Yaoyao saw Jun Linyuan standing there all by himself and thought that it was a perfect opportunity for her . She inched toward the crown prince, but before she could say anything —

Jun Linyuan spun around and left!

He left so fast that a chilly wind swept across the area . Instantly, Mu Yaoyao felt frozen to the bone!

In the tent .

Xuan Yi watched as Feng Wu busied herself with treating Yu Mingye . He wanted to say something, but hesitated .

He had never been a talkative guy, nor was he in the habit of nosing around… but he just couldn’t bring himself to see Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan fall out .

“Actually, Boss Jun…”

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