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Chapter 841

841 The Crown Prince 5

Mu Yaoyao snorted . “Feng Wu, you arrived last . You don’t get to nab the good spot first!”

Gongsun Qing chimed in, “You’re the only one with a tent here . Give it up already!”

Feng Wu smiled a little .

These people just took it for granted that she would let them push her around .

Xuanyuan Yi stared at Feng Wu .

He had his eye on Feng Wu’s tent, but had scruples because of Yu Mingye’s status . Xuanyuan Yi still hadn’t decided whether to take the tent or not .

Feng Xun was baffled by what was happening!

Exactly how stupid were these people?!

Picking on his sister, really?!

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“Hey, what’s this? What are you doing to my sister?” Throwing an arm over Xuanyuan Yi’s shoulder, Feng Xun scanned the crowd with a smile . “Interesting . Very interesting . ”


Everyone looked at Feng Xun in bewilderment .

Since when was Feng Wu his sister?

Xuanyuan Yi broke into a cold sweat .

Seriously? Was Feng Xun backing Feng Wu up now? Wasn’t Feng Xun with His Royal Highness, and didn’t His Royal Highness find Feng Wu repulsive? How…

“Brother Feng, why is Feng Wu your sister all of a sudden?” Xuanyuan Yi smiled wryly .

“Why can’t she be my sister? She’s my sister because I say so!” Feng Xun smirked . “My sister is taking this spot . Are you going to tell her otherwise now?”

The others all looked baffled .

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Exactly what was the relationship between Feng Wu and Feng Xun? Why was Young Lord Feng taking Feng Wu’s side?!

Mu Yaoyao gritted her teeth in frustration!

She didn’t understand it!

What did these guys see in Feng Wu?!

That girl could hang out with Yu Mingye, and now, Young Lord Feng was backing her up! She was just a good-for-nothing! Why?!

Jealousy gnawed at Mu Yaoyao’s heart .

Xuanyuan Yi cringed at Feng Xun’s stare and backed off .

Just then, Gongsun Qing cried out, “Your Royal Highness!”

The others turned around to see the tall, handsome crown prince .

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The teenager walked toward them through the wind and snow, his fur cape giving him a regal, majestic look .

Seeing Jun Linyuan, the candidates forgot about the cold immediately and all rose to their feet in excitement .

Although the crown prince had joined them earlier, they hadn’t had many chances to meet him so far .

“Your Royal Highness —” Mu Yaoyao rushed over to him and said loudly in an aggrieved voice, “Feng Wu was going to take the nicest spot! But we’ve saved it for you . What should we do?”

Mu Yaoyao used the most delicate and touching voice she could manage, and she batted her eyelashes repeatedly in a flirtatious way .


Mu Yaoyao didn’t expect to get an answer, but Jun Linyuan actually replied with a question .

That surprised everyone!

Mu Yaoyao was overwhelmed by the unexpected attention .

“Yes! Yes, of course! Everyone here saw it! Your Royal Highness, please do something —”

Mu Yaoyao moved closer as she spoke in a cloying voice .

Jun Linyuan frowned and the look in his eyes was devoid of warmth . He gave the order without looking at Feng Wu, “Banish her!”

Banish her?!

What was that supposed to mean?

Everyone was still bewildered, when Feng Xun gave Mu Yaoyao a push . “That’s you, you gossipmonger! Go away!”

“You —” Mu Yaoyao stumbled and was furious .

Jun Linyuan smiled wickedly as he shifted his gaze to Feng Xun . He then pointed at Feng Wu . “I meant her!”

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