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Chapter 840

840 The Crown Prince 4

Jun Linyuan smashed the glacier under him!

There was a blast!


The impact created another giant pit in the glacier, and ice rolled down in great chunks!

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

If he still had some doubts over the cause of that falling glacier, he had just been fully convinced!

Boss Jun was unbelievable!

Below on the snowfield —

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Thump! Thump! Thump!

Large chunks of ice showered down like meteorites!


With Yu Mingye on his back, Feng Xun took Feng Wu’s hand and ran as fast as he could .

He mumbled as he ran, “Little Feng Wu, saving Yu Mingye was your worst decision today . See? You’ve enraged someone up there and you’re being punished!”

Feng Wu retorted, “No, I didn’t!”

“Yes, you so did . ” Feng Xun rolled his eyes . “Everything was fine in the campsite before you brought Yu Mingye back . But now, everything has been ruined . Look, we have to carry him around while running for our lives . We could get our heads cracked open by chunks of ice at any moment!”

Feng Xun had no idea that he had actually pointed out the truth .

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When they were finally out of the campsite, they ran for another hundred miles or so until they reached the next valley .

Whoosh —

All the candidates were sitting, dazed, in the cold wind .

They had been so flustered when they fled the campsite that they hadn’t brought anything with them .

Now that they were safe again, they began to shiver in the heavy snow .

Seeing Feng Wu arrive, Mu Yaoyao was disappointed .

For a moment there, she had hoped that Feng Wu would die in the disaster .

Looking around at the candidates, Feng Xun asked Xuanyuan Yi, “Is everyone here?”

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Xuanyuan Yi was considered the future of the Xuanyuan family, which was one of the nine major clans .

The candidates had reached a tacit agreement that Xuanyuan Yi was their leader . However, the teenager considered Feng Xun his superior .

What was more —

Xuanyuan Yi was trying his best to squeeze into the crown prince’s circle; it was just that Feng Xun didn’t seem to like him all that much .

“Brother Feng, we have 63 candidates in total, and everyone is accounted for . We’re only missing His Royal Highness and Brother Xuan . ”

Xuanyuan Yi couldn’t be any more polite with Feng Xun .

He then turned to look at Feng Wu .

By then, Feng Wu had removed the tent from Little Phoenix and was ready to set up camp in a spot she had chosen .

Xuanyuan Yi stared at Feng Wu .

Mu Yaoyao had been poisoning his ears with rumors about Feng Wu, and as a result, he already had a poor impression of Feng Wu before they even met .

Seeing that Feng Wu had taken the best spot under a leeward slope, he frowned .

“Excuse me, what are you doing?”

Feng Wu didn’t remember Xuanyuan Yi much from her childhood, and he was practically a stranger to her now .

Since the guy was stopping her from setting up camp, Feng Wu rose to her feet and stared at him .

Xuanyuan Yi stared back . “Excuse me, this is the best spot in the area that’s away from the wind and the rain . How can you take it for granted that it’s yours?”

Feng Wu didn’t mind where she slept for the night, but Yu Mingye needed a quiet and warm place to recover .

She had checked the area . This was the only ideal spot .

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