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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:15:29 PM
Chapter 839

839 The Crown Prince 3

Little Phoenix wanted to say something sarcastic, but seeing how concerned Feng Wu was over Yu Mingye, it kept its silence .

This Yu Mingye was at least better than Jun Linyuan . The guy had given Little Phoenix sweets twice .

Just then —

Up on the mountain peak —

Both Feng Xun and Xuan Yi looked in Jun Linyuan’s direction .

That giant glacier was the one Jun Linyuan was standing on .

“Boss Jun, you…”

Xuan Yi realized what was happening right away!

Of Jun Linyuan, the glacier, and the campsite, Jun Linyuan was on the highest ground, while the campsite was on the lowest .

From where Jun Linyuan was, he had cracked the glacier with a push, and ice rained down on the campsite .

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The guy had to be unbelievably capable, to break a mountain with one hand!

Not to mention that the glacier melted before it hit the ground .

Xuan Yi stared at Jun Linyuan in disbelief…

Had the crown prince just melted an entire glacier with his rage?

How furious was he?

And how formidable his power was!

It was…

It was unfathomable!

Xuan Yi said a silent prayer for Feng Wu!

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The girl had offended His Royal Highness that much without knowing it!

Just then —

“Wait a minute!”

Feng Xun cried out and pointed at the snowfield down below . “What’s Yu Mingye’s problem? Can’t he run himself? Why is my sister carrying him?! She’s never carried me on her back! This is unbelievable!”

Xuan Yi’s heart sank!

His worst fear had just come true!

Looking down, he saw that Feng Wu was indeed running across the snowfield with Yu Mingye on her back!

Next to her was a flying tent that had been packed up .

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

He threw a dirty look at Feng Xun . The guy just wouldn’t keep his mouth shut!

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“No, I have to get down there . Who the hell does Yu Mingye think he is? When will he leave my sister alone?!” Feng Xun dashed off!

Xuan Yi couldn’t bring himself to look at Boss Jun’s face!

The guy melted a glacier because Feng Wu gave Yu Mingye acupuncture therapy . Now that Feng Wu was running around with Yu Mingye on her back…

Xuan Yi forced himself to look at Jun Linyuan .

He stumbled back at what he saw!

Jun Linyuan looked as if he was wearing an ice mask . His gaze was as sharp as a blade and he was biting hard on his lower lip!

He looked so terrifying…

Xuan Yi had no doubt that Boss Jun would kill Yu Mingye the next moment!

Luckily, Feng Xun got there in time .

He dragged Yu Mingye off Feng Wu’s back right away .

Feng Wu snapped, “What the hell?!”

Feng Xun flicked Feng Wu in the forehead and yelled at her, “Exactly how silly can you be?! He’s a guy and you’re a girl! You should keep your distance!”

After that, Feng Xun threw Yu Mingye over his shoulder and marched off .

Whoosh —

Xuan Yi let out a breath of relief, then stole a glance at Jun Linyuan .

He tried to cover for Feng Wu . “Why, Yu Mingye looked so limp and he didn’t even resist… Is he sick or something?”

Xuan Yi smacked his thigh . “Yes! That’s it! He’s too sick to walk! That’s why little Feng Wu was carrying him . Sigh, she’s such a kind person . ”

Still biting his lip, the crown prince stared at the three people down below, and suddenly clenched his fists!


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