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Chapter 838

838 The Crown Prince 2

“I don’t know! I haven’t seen His Royal Highness since last night!”

“What about Young Lord Feng? And Young Lord Xuan Yi? They can help us if His Royal Highness isn’t here!”

“No, neither of them is around! Oh god, stop packing and leave everything behind! Money is of no use to dead people! Just run!”

Everyone was running as fast as they could!

They rushed toward the highest mountain peak nearby!

Feng Wu’s eyes widened .

This had to be the worst day of her life .

She hadn’t been able to find any peace since the physical tryout started . Now that things had finally settled down a bit, she wanted to use this time to work on her cultivation . She had been ready to make a breakthrough to Level 6 when —

The glacier collapsed .

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With everyone gone, the campsite was exceptionally quiet .

Feng Wu was much more observant than the others . She frowned, after confirming that the water didn’t come from a rising river .

Yu Mingye was cultivating on a stone nearby . His recovery process would be affected if he was disturbed at that moment .

Feng Wu estimated the time until the glacier fell upon them . She still had one minute .

And she could do a lot of things in that time .

Scooping up some water, Feng Wu studied it carefully .

Wait .

Feng Wu looked surprised .

The water indeed came from the melted ice under her feet, and it was true that it was due to the fire energy, but —

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Why did she detect the familiar energy of an abnormal flame in it?

Feng Wu frowned .

Abnormal flame?

She released Little Phoenix from her ring .

Little Phoenix’s eyes lit up as soon as it sensed that energy .

“You recognize it?” Feng Wu asked .

Little Phoenix rolled its eyes at Feng Wu . “Can’t you tell?”

It’s the abnormal flame of your dear crown prince!

Feng Wu frowned . “It’s familiar, but I’m not so sure . ”

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Little Phoenix didn’t want to tell her who the energy belonged to, for it didn’t want Feng Wu to hang out with that rogue!

At that thought, Little Phoenix raised its head and crossed its wings . “Hmph! Don’t ask me!”

Feng Wu was speechless . It was so obvious that the bird knew the answer, but it just wouldn’t tell her . What was the bird getting at?

There were only twenty seconds left, and Feng Wu had to leave now .

“Yu Mingye? Yu Mingye!”

No matter how reluctant Feng Wu was, she had to wake him up .

The entire campsite would be wiped out if there was a landslide . When that happened, she and Yu Mingye would have no chance of getting out .

But —

Feng Wu shouted and shouted, but Yu Mingye just wouldn’t wake up .

Feng Wu felt his forehead .

“Shit, he has a fever!” Feng Wu was surprised .

Yu Mingye was supposed to be very strong . How could he fall ill?

However, the guy had been wounded before falling into the magma . And during the acupuncture therapy, which was when he was at his weakest, the tent had been kicked away, causing him to catch a cold . It was only normal that he would have a fever now .

Recalling what happened, Feng Wu cursed Jun Linyuan under her breath .

There was no time to waste . She took out a belt to tie Yu Mingye on her back, then folded the tent and threw it on Little Phoenix’s back .

Little Phoenix was a palm-sized bird, and the tent looked humongous next to it .

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