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Chapter 829

829 Why Is His Royal Highness Offended Again?

Whoosh —

Jun Linyuan watched as Feng Wu and Yu Mingye dashed off, while he himself was left behind .

The crown prince was furious!

Once they were off the ice, Feng Wu didn’t want to go back to the campsite, so she led Yu Mingye in another direction!


All of a sudden!

An ice wall erupted out of the ground!

Feng Wu almost bumped into it . Luckily, Yu Mingye stopped her in time .

Feng Wu turned around and threw a dirty look at Jun Linyuan!

She then led Yu Mingye in another direction!


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She ran into another ice wall!

They changed direction again!

She ran into another ice wall!

Another direction…

Feng Wu was speechless .

Taking a deep breath, she led Yu Mingye back to Jun Linyuan and glared at the crown prince . “Jun! Lin! Yuan! What on earth do you want?! Haven’t you had enough fun?!”

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu and Yu Mingye’s linked hands with his brooding eyes for a moment before he spoke in a cold voice . “Not yet . I still want to cut off an arm . ”

There was something crazy yet serious in Jun Linyuan’s eyes .

He meant it!

Feng Wu released Yu Mingye’s hand involuntarily!

Jun Linyuan’s gaze was so intense that it seemed to burn Feng Wu’s skin . He then said, “You don’t want to know what will happen if you don’t go back to the campsite . ”

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His voice was so cold that it gave her the creeps .

Looking at Jun Linyuan’s back as he left, Feng Wu was overwhelmed with emotion .

She was furious and aggrieved…

Feng Xun tugged at Feng Wu’s sleeve . “There, there . Let’s go back to the campsite now . Don’t even think about defying Boss Jun . You’ll really get killed for it!”

After that, Feng Xun tried to push Feng Wu back toward the campsite .

“Then he has to come with us . ” Feng Wu gestured at Yu Mingye . “He hasn’t recovered from his old injuries, and thanks to Jun Linyuan, there’s all this excessive fire energy in him . The two things will interact in a bad way in his body, and it can get a lot more complicated if I don’t treat him properly now . ”

Xuan Yi wanted to turn her down, for he knew that Yu Mingye was the ultimate reason for Jun Linyuan’s rage .

But Feng Xun didn’t realize that . The goofball worshiped the ground his sister walked on, and he would do anything Feng Wu said without question .

“Sure . No problem . Whatever you want, as long as you come back with me . ”

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

Yu Mingye was like a ticking time bomb that could set Boss Jun off at any moment!

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However —

Rubbing his chin, Xuan Yi pondered for a moment . Maybe the guy’s presence would force Boss Jun to face his true feelings?

In the campsite —

After the crown prince got back —


There was a loud thump!

He slammed his door shut with all his strength!

The impact almost broke all the windows in the campsite .

Many were still grilling meat in the open area in the center of the campsite, and everyone jumped at the sound . A hush fell over the crowd immediately as they exchanged frightened looks .

That was so frightening…

They thought they were going to have heart attacks .

“I know what happened,” Mu Yaoyao gloated .

“Princess Mu, please tell us . ”

Instantly, everyone gathered around Mu Yaoyao and begged for an explanation .

Mu Yaoyao snorted . “Isn’t it obvious? That troublesome Feng Wu offended His Royal Highness again!”

“What did Feng Wu do this time?”

“His Royal Highness was so mad that he wanted to throttle Feng Wu . Qingqing and I saw it with our own eyes . Ask her if you don’t believe me . ”

Gongsun Qing was much more reserved in nature, and she had been with her own team ever since they got back .

She confirmed Mu Yaoyao’s story with a nod . “It’s true . We saw it . ”

Then —

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