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Chapter 830

830 The Crown Prince And His Sarcasm

Wow —

Everyone looked baffled .

“What did Feng Wu do? His Royal Highness was so mad!”

“Did she offend His Royal Highness?”

“She didn’t! No one is allowed to defy His Royal Highness!”

“Was that why His Royal Highness wanted to strangle Feng Wu?”

“Is Feng Wu that flirty?”

“She’s just a pretty face with an empty head . I bet her biggest hope is to find a rich guy and be set for life . I’m telling you, Feng Wu must have forced herself upon His Royal Highness when they were alone and…”

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“I didn’t know that Feng Wu had that side to her at all!”

The onlookers had made up a whole scenario in their heads from Mu Yaoyao and Gongsun Qing’s descriptions alone!

Hence, when Feng Xun and the others got back, such rumors were all over the campsite .

Feng Xun almost exploded!

“That’s all bullshit! Little Feng Wu has never done such a thing! Boss Jun should do something about it!”

Xuan Yi rubbed his nose . “I’ll go check up on him . ”

The room was pitch dark when Xuan Yi pushed the door open . Moonlight shone in through the door, casting a shadow on Jun Linyuan’s face .

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Sitting against the wall with his head lowered, Jun Linyuan looked irascible but disappointed, reminding Xuan Yi of a formidable beast languishing in a cage .

He had never seen Jun Linyuan this way .

Xuan Yi sat down next to Jun Linyuan .

Xuan Yi realized that he could hear everything going on outside . That was to say, Boss Jun had heard all the groundless rumors they had made up about Feng Wu and him .

He gave Boss Jun a strange look .

“Where there are people, there are rumors . ” Xuan Yi started off his speech with those words .

Jun Linyuan ignored him and was still lost in his thoughts .

“I saw little Feng Wu stumbling around on my way here…

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“She was injured from narrowly escaping those Qilin Beasts .

“She hasn’t recovered yet, then this happened . She’s limping . I feel quite sorry for her . ”

Xuan Yi mumbled to himself as he stole glances at Jun Linyuan .

The crown prince was a smart guy, and Xuan Yi knew that Jun Linyuan could take a hint .

However, even the smartest guy had his blind spot . His Boss Jun was a remarkable guy in every other subject, but when it came to relationships, he was… hopeless .

Jun Linyuan actually smirked . “She’s stumbling around? And she’s still trying to run away with another man?”

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

Rubbing his nose, he tried to defend Feng Wu . “It’s like what Feng Xun said . Yu Mingye won’t leave little Feng Wu alone . ”

Jun Linyuan snorted . “He won’t? I think she enjoyed it . ”

Gosh . Just listen to that tone… And he still wouldn’t admit that he was in love with little Feng Wu?

Xuan Yi had seen through His Royal Highness . However, he had to pretend he knew nothing, so that Jun Linyuan wouldn’t be embarrassed . How tiring .

“Your Royal Highness did push Yu Mingye into the magma . ”

Jun Linyuan said in a contemptuous voice, “I do what I want . Since when do I care how other people feel?!”

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