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Chapter 828

828 Is She Going to Die?

Xuan Yi watched this in astonishment as well!

Boss Jun was really…

This wasn’t what Xuan Yi had in mind at all! Given what Boss Jun was doing, no one in their right mind would think that he was fond of Feng Wu!

A short distance away, Mu Yaoyao and Gongsun Qing were hiding behind a pile of snow .

They had been keeping an eye on the crown prince, and seeing Jun Linyuan leave with Xuan Yi, the two girls followed them out .

They kept their distance for fear of being spotted .

Therefore, they didn’t see what happened earlier; the only thing they saw was that the crown prince had picked Feng Wu up by her neck and was choking her!

Instinctively, Feng Wu struggled violently!

However, all her efforts were futile .

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Mu Yaoyao and Gongsun Qing exchanged looks, and both saw fright in each other’s eyes . Immediately after that, however, both rejoiced at Feng Wu’s predicament!

Before, no matter how hard they tried to persuade themselves, they still hadn’t been convinced deep down .

After all, His Royal Highness had carried Feng Wu off, and their interactions looked suspiciously intimate .

Hence, they were very alarmed by Feng Wu’s presence .

But now —

His Royal Highness was going to kill Feng Wu!

He looked so relentless!

So… to His Royal Highness, Feng Wu was no more than an ant that he wouldn’t hesitate to stomp on at any moment .

The two girls exchanged gloating looks again before slinking off, as if they had never been there .

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Feng Xun was exasperated . “Boss Jun! She’s my sister and that makes her as good as half a sister of yours! Put her down now! You’re killing her!”

Xuan Yi couldn’t keep his silence either . “Boss Jun! You’re doing it wrong! This won’t do!”

Feng Wu’s face turned purple in color —

Her vision went dark and she could see shadows in the air .

She was overwhelmed by the fear of death .

Was she going to die?

A despairing look appeared on Feng Wu’s face .


Jun Linyuan released her neck .

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Feng Xun rushed over to catch Feng Wu before she fell, and lay her flat on the ground .

“How do you feel? Little Feng Wu, are you alright?” Feng Xun patted Feng Wu’s cheek anxiously, which made Feng Wu dizzy .

She looked up and glared at Jun Linyuan!

He hadn’t actually lost control, and was only trying to scare her, but what he did had crossed the line!

Feng Wu was furious!

The look she gave Jun Linyuan reminded one of a bloodthirsty young beast!

Seeing the ferocious look Feng Wu gave him as she gasped for air, Jun Linyuan promptly turned to leave!

After shooting another look at his back, Feng Wu turned the other way to look for Yu Mingye!

Other people would have been completely dissolved by the magma, but luckily, it was Yu Mingye who had fallen in . When he climbed out, all he had were a few patches of red skin .

Feng Wu took off her cape at once and threw it over Yu Mingye’s shoulders . “How do you feel? Any pain? Give me your hand . ”

After checking his pulse, Feng Wu let out a breath of relief . “Good, there isn’t much excessive fire energy in you . You’ll be fine once that’s out of your system . There won’t be any complications . ”

Jun Linyuan turned around after a few steps and saw that Feng Wu was looking after Yu Mingye . He exploded again, and the cold air he gave off was terrifying .

The temperature dropped again!

Crack —

The thick layer of ice under their feet cracked, and the fissure expanded rapidly like a spider web!

Feng Wu was shocked!

Without thinking, she grabbed Yu Mingye’s arm and pulled him to his feet . “Run!”

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