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Published at 20th of July 2020 12:45:33 PM
Chapter 811

811 Not Happening!

Emperor Wu waved his hand . “I can’t do that . ”

“Your Majesty —”

Emperor Wu stared at Grand Secretary Fang . “I’ve always had a high opinion of your selflessness and your service to the empire . Now that you’ve retired from court and started working at Imperial College, I hope you can treat all the candidates equally . ”

“Your Majesty —” Grand Secretary Fang’s face darkened .

Feng Wu was a Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster at most, and she had provoked a Spiritual Elder Qilin Beast — a creature that was a colossus to her!

Why would happen to her now?

She would be killed!

Just then, footsteps came from outside!

Jun Linyuan had been walking very fast, but he slowed down when he was 100 meters away from the study .

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The crown prince kicked open the door to the study .

Emperor Wu and Grand Secretary Fang turned around in surprise .

Someone had just kicked open the door to the emperor’s study? They had to have a death wish!

A name then came to mind: Jun Linyuan?!

A towering figure then showed up in the doorway!

It was a teenager!

He made such a dashing figure!

The sunlight poured in from behind him, creating a halo of light around his body .

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His aura was so dazzling that it was impossible to look away . Emperor Wu frowned involuntarily .

“What are you doing here?” Emperor Wu didn’t look very pleased .

Jun Linyuan ignored his father and turned to Grand Secretary Fang . “Is something wrong with the physical tryout?”

“Yes!” Grand Secretary Fang gave a decisive answer without hesitation .

Emperor Wu glared at Jun Linyuan . “Where did you get that information from?”

Jun Linyuan darted a look at him . “None of your business . ”

Emperor Wu flared up .

None of his business?

“All land under heaven…”

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“All land under heaven belongs to the emperor; all within the land are the emperor’s servants . Is that what you want to say?” Jun Linyuan glanced at his father . “Have as many lands or servants as you want . Don’t count me in . ”

Blue veins popped on Emperor Wu’s forehead .

Grand Secretary Fang slowly moved away from the father and son .

This was how they interacted on a daily basis . The last thing the old man wanted was to get in the middle .

Jun Linyuan stared at Emperor Wu . “Reopen that terrain . ”

“Forget it!” Emperor Wu turned him down without hesitation .

What was happening? The brat wanted to break the rules of the exam and call it off as soon as he heard about Feng Wu being in danger? Was he really interested in Feng Wu?

At that thought, Emperor Wu frowned .

Emperors were the most relentless people, and since Emperor Wu had decided not to marry Feng Wu to Jun Linyuan, he would do all he could to keep them apart .

The longest distance was between a living and a dead person .

“Forget it?” Jun Linyuan’s face turned livid .

Emperor Wu smirked . “It’s an exam and all candidates should be treated equally . ”

He went on in a righteous voice, “There’s danger in the physical tryout every year, and people get killed . All the candidates signed an agreement before they went in .

“If you interrupt the exam just because Feng Wu is in danger, what are you going to do next time? Are you going to do the same for other candidates?”

Emperor Wu stared at Jun Linyuan . “Why are you so concerned about Feng Wu? Are you in love with her?”

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi arrived in a hurry at that moment, and they heard the shocking question when they tried to catch their breaths outside the study .

Boss Jun was in love with little Feng Wu?!

Jun Linyuan threw a dirty look at Emperor Wu . “Are you out of your mind? Of course I’m not in love with her!”

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