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Chapter 810

810 Astonished!

“Then?” Jun Linyuan frowned at Feng .

“According to Grand Secretary Fang, little Feng Wu has been abducted by a Qilin Beast at the Spiritual Elder stage . It’s going to draw her soul out of her body and replace it with the soul of its dead cub . ”

The look on Jun Linyuan’s face turned very grim .

Tossing his drawing brush aside, he headed out right away .

Just then, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi arrived .

Spotting Jun Linyuan, they grinned and were going to greet the guy when Jun Linyuan walked past them as if they weren’t there .

And he was walking way too fast!

So fast that there was a sudden gust of wind .

The wind almost threw Feng Xun and Xuan Yi off their feet!

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Feng Xun was rendered speechless .

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

They exchanged looks and were dumbfounded .

Seeing Feng, Feng Xun went up to the old man in a hurry and stopped him . “Feng, wait, wait —”

Feng turned around and looked at the two teenagers .

Feng Xun was at a loss . “What’s going on with Boss Jun? I never thought he could look so concerned, even if His Majesty was being forced to abdicate!”

“Mind your language!” Xuan Yi glared at Feng Xun .

“Sorry —” Feng Xun covered his mouth .

Xuan Yi looked at Feng . “What happened? I’ve never seen him act that way . ”

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Feng Xun nodded . “Neither have I . ”

Feng said, “Something’s wrong with Imperial College’s physical tryout…”

“That makes sense!” Feng Xun interjected . “The safety of a thousand candidates is at stake, so no wonder Boss Jun… Wait, Boss Jun isn’t the type to care about any candidate…”

“Little Feng Wu…” Xuan Yi reminded him .

Feng Xun smacked his own head and cried out, “Shit! I forgot about that!”

He grabbed Xuan Yi’s arm in alarm . “My sister is one of the candidates!”

Feng Xun stopped trying to figure out why Jun Linyuan was acting strangely . All he could think of now was Feng Wu!

“Feng, is it true? Something’s wrong with the physical tryout?!” Feng Xun blanched .

Feng nodded . “I heard the news from Grand Secretary Fang . ”

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“Let’s go!”

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi headed for Imperial College right away .

Feng had to remind them, “Grand Secretary Fang has gone to court!”

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi, who had jumped onto the wall, abruptly changed directions and headed for the imperial palace instead .

At that moment, Grand Secretary Fang was the most reliable source of information!

In the imperial palace .

The emperor’s study .

Emperor Wu frowned . “What did you say?”

Grand Secretary Fang said in a serious tone, “Your Majesty, Feng Wu has been abducted by a Qilin Beast . ”

Emperor Wu said, “What are you suggesting?”

Grand Secretary Fang didn’t answer the question, but only went on stating the facts . “That Qilin Beast is going to use Feng Wu as a blood sacrifice . ”

Emperor Wu said, “If I remember correctly, Qilin Beasts are at the Spiritual Elder stage, and reside in Zone 1 . ”

Grand Secretary Fang said, “Yes . ”

“Then how did Feng Wu get involved with a Qilin Beast?”

“I don’t know, but she has, and she’s going to be used as a blood sacrifice . That Qilin Beast is going to put the soul of its cub into her body . ”

Emperor Wu rose from his seat, crossed his hands behind his back, and walked back and forth in the study .

“Are you saying that I should open up the terrain for Feng Wu alone?” Emperor Wu stared at Grand Secretary Fang in disbelief .

Grand Secretary Fang said in a serious voice, “Your Majesty, the Frosty Night Beast is very likely about to wake up . If that happens, the lives of nearly a thousand candidates will be in danger . I beseech you, Your Majesty, cancel the physical tryout . We can hold it again when the time is right . ”

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