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Chapter 812

812 Crisis

He denied it .

Taking Xuan Yi’s arm, Feng Xun heaved a sigh of relief . “Oh god, for a moment there, I thought Boss Jun was going to admit that he was in love with little Feng Wu . What a shock . I’m so relieved now . ”

“But what if…”

Xuan Yi darted a glance at Feng Xun with a smile . “What if Boss Jun really is in love with little Feng Wu? What will you do then?”

Feng Xun looked befuddled, but he shook his head immediately . “What are you talking about? Boss Jun will never be like that . That girl is a cripple . ”

In the study .

Emperor Wu glared at Jun Linyuan . “What did you say? I dare you to say it again . ”

Jun Linyuan smirked . “Why should I? Just because you told me to? Are you kidding me?”

Emperor Wu didn’t know what to say .

Jun Linyuan was a man whose words carried weight, and Emperor Wu trusted his son . So… the brat really didn’t have any feelings for little Feng Wu?

“But if that’s the case, why are you so concerned about her?!” Emperor Wu stared at Jun Linyuan .

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The crown prince rolled his eyes at Emperor Wu . “That Frosty Night Beast is waking up . Did you miss that part?”

That was it!

Jun Linyuan was concerned about that Frosty Night Beast, not Feng Wu!

At that thought, Emperor Wu’s mood lifted .

Just then —

Hasty footsteps came from outside!

They turned around to find Priest Wu at the door!

The old man was walking very fast and he looked on edge!

In Proud Snowfield —

Trapped on the Qilin Beast’s back, there was nowhere for Feng Wu to run .

She had a bad feeling about this . Something unpleasant was about to happen .

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Instead of killing her on the spot, the Qilin Beast had only taken her captive . What did it want?

Feng Wu couldn’t for the life of her figure it out . She decided to put the question aside for the time being .

Sitting down on the Qilin Beast’s back, she relaxed and began to cultivate .

The Qilin Beast moved swiftly across the snowfield!

It ran as fast as lightning!

An hour later, Feng Wu opened her eyes to see a big cave on the shady slope of a tall snow mountain a short distance away .

The opening of the cave was wide enough for 50 people to walk in, shoulder to shoulder .

So, that was probably the nest of this Qilin Beast .

Snow covered the ground outside the cave . Feng Wu’s first impression when they entered the cave was that it was so cold inside .

It was freezing!

The bitter cold chilled her to the bone!

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Qilin Beast threw Feng Wu onto the ground .

“Ouch —” Feng Wu could have landed on her back, but in order to protect herself, she moved so that her bottom hit the ground first . The pain brought tears to her eyes .

Feng Wu was then tossed into an area enclosed by a fence . That Qilin Beast ignored her after that and went to cultivate on the other side .

Feng Wu looked around her .

The cave was spacious and she was imprisoned in the southeast corner . The fence was in fact a circle of obstacles made of spiritual essence .

Seeing that the Qilin Beast had entered a meditative state, Feng Wu rubbed her butt, then slowly rose to her feet .

If she could somehow get out of this prison…

Feng Wu touched the fence with a finger .

Sizzle —

There was a flash of light and sparks flew in all directions!

“Ssss —”

Feng Wu drew in her breath!

That hurt!

She looked down at her finger .

She had touched the fence with her right index finger, which was burnt black as smoke rose from it…

If she had been a little bit slower drawing back her finger, it would have been charred .

Feng Wu took a deep breath, the look on her face full of frustration .

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