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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:16:50 PM
Chapter 808

808 Feng Wu Is in Trouble!

Feng Wu: !!!

“A teenage human girl in a red robe,” the Qilin Beast said in an affirmative voice .

Shit! Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

What the team leader had said worked!

The Qilin Beast had decided to kill all possible suspects without even bothering to try and verify their innocence!

Turning around, Feng Wu looked up at the Qilin Beast with an innocent look on her face .

Qilin Beast snorted . “Why aren’t you trying to run away?”

Feng Wu said innocently, “Why… should I run?”

“You had nothing to do with the death of my child?”

“No! I swear! I had nothing to do with it!” Feng Wu raised both hands to prove her innocence .

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Qilin Beast snorted, then took off with Feng Wu .

“Hey, hey! Where are you taking me? Hello —” Feng Wu cried out in despair .

Meanwhile —

In front of the screen .

After making sure that there weren’t any outsiders, Grand Secretary Fang finally switched the camera back to Feng Wu .

And he blanched as soon as he saw what was happening!

Feng Wu had been picked up by a powerful Qilin Beast!

And it was between Zone 2 and Zone 1 .

That was to say, this Qilin Beast was a Spiritual Elder at least!

“Xiao Wu has been captured by that thing?!” Priest Wu stared at the screen, his eyes popping out . “That’s not good at all!”

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Grand Secretary Fang agreed with Priest Wu .

Things were getting out of hand…

Back in the snowfield —

“Wh- what do you want from me?” Feng Wu stared at the Qilin Beast in trepidation .

Throwing Feng Wu on its back, the Qilin Beast dashed off at lightning speed!

There was nothing to block her on the beast’s back, so Feng Wu wanted to jump off from there . To her amazement . she was stopped by a force resembling a magnetic field, which surrounded her…

She couldn’t find any opening in it .

She had no way to escape .

In front of the screen, Grand Secretary Fang’s and Priest Wu’s faces looked very grim!

Grand Secretary Fang said, “Oh god, the Qilin Beast is taking Xiao Wu back to its nest!”

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Priest Wu asked, “But why? Does it want her as its wife?”

Grand Secretary Fang wanted to smack Priest Wu on the head!

“If I’m guessing right… it needs her as a blood sacrifice,” said Grand Secretary Fang after a brief moment of silence .

“A blood sacrifice?”

“That Qilin Beast talked about a dead cub, and Qilin Beasts have a special skill . ” Grand Secretary Fang stared at Priest Wu . “They can summon the soul of a dead cub and insert it into a human body, if that body is compatible with the soul . ”

Priest Wu blanched . “What happens after that?”

“After that, the cub and Xiao Wu will compete over her body, but do you think the Qilin Beast will let Xiao Wu win?!” Grand Secretary Fang’s voice trembled .

“Where did you learn such things?” Priest Wu asked in bewilderment .

“Because I know a person who once provoked a Qilin Beast, who almost…” Grand Secretary Fang took a deep breath . “No, this can’t wait any longer! I’m going to court now!”

The terrain could only be reopened with Emperor Wu’s consent!

Otherwise, even Grand Secretary Fang, head of Imperial College, didn’t have the authority to change the rules .

Grand Secretary Fang went to court in a hurry .

In the imperial palace —

Feng had gone to the empress dowager to pick something up for Jun Linyuan, and he ran into Grand Secretary Fang on his way back .

He recalled that Grand Secretary Fang had mentioned some abnormal activity during the physical tryout .

Little Feng Wu was in that terrain at the moment, and His Royal Highness was all about Feng Wu’s safety .

“Grand Secretary Fang?” Feng greeted the old man .

Grand Secretary Fang almost jumped when he saw Feng .

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