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Chapter 809

809 His Royal Highness

As His Royal Highness’s closest servant, Feng had always kept his distance from other people . Why would he greet Grand Secretary Fang now?

But Grand Secretary Fang had no time for small talk at the moment .

He greeted Feng with a nod, then continued toward the imperial palace .

But Feng wouldn’t let him go just like that .

“Is there a problem with the physical tryout?”

Feng asked the question in a casual tone .

Grand Secretary Fang didn’t want to tell him at first, but he then realized that Feng represented Jun Linyuan, and if Jun Linyuan wanted to know something, even His Majesty wouldn’t be able to keep it from him .

Grand Secretary Fang sighed in resignation . “Xiao Wu is in trouble . I need to talk to His Majesty now . ”

Xiao Wu?!

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Feng’s worst fears had just come true . It really was about little Feng Wu .

Feng rubbed his forehead as he watched Grand Secretary Fang leave in a hurry .

The crown prince’s residence .

Jun Linyuan was drawing in his study .

He was an excellent painter, and this painting had a swordplay manual hidden in it . Those who were able to comprehend the painting might be able to make a breakthrough in their cultivation .

As it turned out, those paintings in World Tower really were his work!

However, at that moment, the crown prince was very grumpy!


A heavy stroke turned an autumn drizzle into a destructive storm!

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Such was the painting Feng saw when he entered the study .

“The mountain is filled with sword energy after an autumn rain . What a wonderful painting,” Feng said with a smile as he crossed his hands behind his back .

Jun Linyuan threw a dirty look at Feng . Then, with a wave of his hand, the painting was burnt to ashes .

“Shut up!”

Feng said, “Your Royal Highness, actually…”

“I said shut up . Are you deaf?!” Jun Linyuan was in a foul mood .

Feng rubbed his nose and wanted to add something .

Jun Linyuan glared at him . “Out!”

Feng walked out of the room in resignation .

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Granny Gong rolled her eyes at Feng . “You know what His Royal Highness has been like these days . Why did you do that?”

Crossing his hands behind his back, Feng feigned an indifferent voice . “Sigh . It’s just that I heard news about little Feng Wu from Imperial College —”

In the study, Jun Linyuan’s grip tightened on the painting brush .

Granny Gong was concerned . “Miss Wu? What happened?”

“Miss Wu is in big trouble!” Feng said in a worried tone .

“What?!” Granny Gong cried out .

“Creak —”

The door opened and Jun Linyuan’s cold voice rang out . “Get your ass in here!”

Rubbing his nose, Feng gave Granny Gong a knowing look, smiled, then went into the study .

“What was all that about?” Jun Linyuan went back to his painting, as if he couldn’t care less .

Feng sighed . “It was Imperial College . Your Royal Highness, that’s not your responsibility and really, there’s nothing to talk about . ”

Nothing to talk about?!

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng, then tossed the paintbrush to the side . “Spill it!”

Rubbing his nose, Feng chuckled inwardly, but still feigned a resigned look . “There was a rumor before this that a Frosty Night Beast was going to wake up in Proud Snowfield, the terrain which Imperial College chose this year . ”

“I know . ” Jun Linyuan frowned . “But it hasn’t yet . ”

Feng nodded .

“Don’t stop there!” Jun Linyuan snapped .

Feng had said something about little Feng Wu being in trouble, and that was all Jun Linyuan cared about .

Feng went on, “I ran into Grand Secretary Fang on my way back from the imperial palace . He seemed to be in a hurry, so I asked him about it . ”

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