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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:16:55 PM
Chapter 807

807 Oh, No!

The team leader was thrilled!

He was going to make a breakthrough very soon!

After that, he would be able to get out of here!

And then…

Just when he was overwhelmed with joy —


A giant paw landed in front of him!

A shadow then blocked his field of vision!

The team leader looked up at the Qilin Beast in disbelief!

“You —”

“Have you seen my child?” the beast said in human language .

At the Qilin Beast’s level, it had enough spirituality to speak the common language that human beings used on this continent .

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“N- no —” The team leader shook his head repeatedly!


Qilin Beast smacked the team leader in the head .

“Pfft —”

The team leader was dazed by the impact and he could see stars . The next moment, he spat out a mouthful of blood .

Because he drank the Qilin blood, this parent Qilin Beast hadn’t been able to sense anything on him . It was only here to ask around, but…

It then saw the blood…

It had a scent unique to Qilin Beasts!

Qilin Beast raised a front paw and stared at the team leader in disbelief .

The team leader was stupefied…

The Qilin Beast’s face turned livid!

“You killed my child!” It stared at the team leader with a murderous look in its eyes!

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The beast had its own line of thinking .

The human beings it had killed earlier were no match for its child . Therefore, those people had to have a leader .

And the leader was right here in front of it!

“How dare you! Die!!!”

Thump! Thump! Thump!

A fight broke out between the beast and the man .

Hiding in a snow pit a short distance away, Feng Wu watched the battle in trepidation .

Luckily, she had found the team leader as a scapegoat . Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to handle this Qilin Beast all by herself .

“It wasn’t me! I didn’t kill your child! It was Feng Wu!” In that moment of life and death, the team leader cast his work ethic aside and sold Feng Wu out without hesitation .

“Who’s Feng Wu?” The Qilin Beast frowned .

“She’s a teenage human girl and she’s…” The team leader then described what Feng Wu looked like . He insisted, “She was the one who murdered your child! I swear!”

Thump! The Qilin Beast smacked the team leader’s head again .

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“A teenage human girl in a red robe?”

“Yes, that’s right —

“That stupid girl did it!” The team leader went on, “She gave me the blood and she killed your child . Shall I take you to her?”

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!


If the Qilin Beast marked her as a target, she wouldn’t be able to go anywhere in the next three days!

Right at that moment!

“Fool!” Qilin Beast smashed down on the team leader’s chest!

The team leader stared at the Qilin Beast in disbelief!

He had told the truth!

“That girl is a mere Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster . How could she have killed my child?” The Qilin Beast found this human being abominable . Not only did he kill its child, he had also tried to put the blame on another person .

“You’re going to die a miserable death!”

The Qilin Beast gave its verdict!

Once the team leader was dead, Feng Wu took a deep breath, then turned to leave .

However, at that moment!

“Where do you think you’re going?”

A deep voice rang out behind Feng Wu!

Feng Wu shuddered .


That Qilin Beast again?!

Had it found out that its cub had been…

Feng Wu bolted . However, she was only able to take a few steps before the Qilin Beast grabbed the back of her collar and picked her up like a chicken .

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