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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:17:02 PM
Chapter 805

805 You“re Going to Die!

Since they couldn’t run, there was only one option left .

Three ground his teeth . “We have to kill this Qilin Beast!”

The beast and them – only one side could live!

“Where’s Feng Wu?”

Four gritted his teeth!

After luring the Qilin Beast here, the girl just disappeared .

“She’s gone . ”

Everyone was speechless .

As a matter of fact, Feng Wu hadn’t run off . She was hiding in a pile of snow a short distance away .

She had no blood on her and wasn’t marked . She could leave whenever she wanted .


The Qilin Beast growled, then quickened its steps!

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Three said, “Everyone, together!”

Thump! Thump! Thump!

It was a fierce battle!

Before long, blood was everywhere .

The members wanted to fight against the beast together, but when the actual fight started, it was like an inexorable landslide . They stopped trying once they saw that death was inevitable .

Instead, they turned to flee!

Three headed east, Four west, Six north, and Seven…

Everyone picked a different direction and they ran as fast as they could!

For it could be the last time they would ever be able to run in their lives .

They knew perfectly well that they had been marked by the Qilin Beast, but they wouldn’t give up hope just like that!

Even if they had to die, they had to take Feng Wu down with them!

Whoosh —

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Feng Wu saw the Qilin Beast pounce at Six from behind .

She smiled a little .

They wanted to kill her? Sorry about that, but she wasn’t that easy to kill .

Feng Wu knew that with the Qilin Beast’s speed and capabilities, it wouldn’t be long before Four and Three met their ends .

However —

There was one more person left — the team leader .

He had stayed behind because of the poison and he hadn’t been tainted by the cub’s blood . So —

Feng Wu strolled off and arrived at the rendezvous point a few moments later .

The team leader was no longer there .

Do you really think you can run from me?

Feng Wu smiled a little .

“Aww —” The tiger cub waved its paws .

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It then spoke to Feng Wu in her head . “I know where he is! I know, I know!”

Feng Wu waved her hand . “Let’s go!”


Feng Tutu darted off right away!

This trip to Proud Snowfield had benefited Feng Tutu greatly . Speed had always been its forte, and it was now quicker than a streak of lightning . Even Feng Wu had a hard time keeping up with it .

Before long, she saw a figure up ahead .

It was the team leader of Blade .

In front of him was a frozen river!

Sensing the hostility, he turned around to find Feng Wu behind him . He frowned .

“Feng Wu!!!”

Staring at Feng Wu, the team leader had a murderous look on his face!

Feng Wu stopped when she was ten meters away and smiled at the guy . “That’s me . ”

Overwhelmed by hatred, the team leader wanted to tear Feng Wu to pieces!

“You killed Two, Five and Ten!”

Feng Wu nodded .

“And you poisoned me!”

Feng Wu nodded again .

Seeing the unperturbed look on Feng Wu’s face, the team leader was furious . “You’re very calm, but you’re going to die!”

“Is that so?” Crossing her arms, Feng Wu darted an unhurried look at the team leader .

“There are ten of us! You killed three, but there are seven more!”

“Oh, do you mean the dead bodies of Three, Four, and the others?” Feng Wu asked casually .

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