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Chapter 804

804 You“re Not Getting Away

Feng Wu nodded, the look on her face very serious . “Just tell me . Yes or no . ”

Three snorted . “I don’t care how you want to die . There’s no way I’m going to leak my client’s information . You’re so naive!


Just as Three snarled and leapt up –

All of a sudden!

Something bellowed a short distance away!

It was a bloodcurdling sound!

And the thing making that noise sounded furious!

It was ready to kill!

Instantly, everyone turned around involuntarily .

There —

A powerful magical beast was running wildly in their direction!

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And there was a murderous air around it which they could sense even at a distance!

The beast was coming right at them!

“No! It’s a Qilin Beast!”

“And a fully grown one!”

“Is it coming for Feng Wu?”

“I think so!”

“It’s going to kill Feng Wu . We better get out of the way!”


No one had seen it coming, but that Qilin Beast caught up with them and jumped at Nine!


It raised both front paws and slashed down at Nine!

Poor Nine . He was torn in half before he saw it coming .

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That shocked everyone!

What the heck?!

Wasn’t the Qilin Beast after Feng Wu? Why had one of them been killed? What did they do?


Three then remembered the blood on them and he panicked!

“The blood! We’re covered in the blood of its cub!”

That answered the question for everyone!

It was Feng Wu!

She had splashed the blood all over them!

Four had been so confident and claimed that Feng Wu did it so that they would be busy cultivating instead of chasing her!

Only then did they realize what Feng Wu really had in mind!


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She had been waiting for this moment!

Gritting his teeth, Three yelled at the Qilin Beast, “Feng Wu killed your cub! We have nothing to do with it! She’s the one —”

However, when Three pointed at the spot where he thought Feng Wu was —

Feng Wu was nowhere to be found!

“Feng Wu!” Three bellowed!

She did this on purpose! She had lured the Qilin Beast here!

No wonder she had been yelling about not chasing her . This was why!

Feng Wu, that cunning girl!


The Qilin Beast couldn’t care less about the grudges between these human beings . The blood was the only thing it could think of!

A Qilin Beast’s blood!

The amount suggested that its cub was already dead!

These stupid, abominable humans had killed it!

“How dare you hurt my child… How dare you!” The look on the Qilin Beast’s face was ferocious as it spoke in a deep, murderous voice!

“No, we didn’t… It wasn’t us…”

Three tried to explain, but his words were futile .

They were covered in the cub’s blood, which was irrefutable evidence!

Nothing he said could exonerate them!


As expected, the Qilin Beast ignored what Three said . It raised a front paw and smacked Seven to the ground .

Four glared at the Qilin Beast with utter hatred when he saw that half of Seven’s face was gone . He then shouted at his remaining teammates, “It already believes that we killed its cub, and we can’t change its mind! We need to fight it together!”

Although they didn’t want to, the others had to admit that this was the reality they had to face now .

“We can still run!”

“No, we’ve been marked by the Qilin Beast,” Three said in a terrifyingly calm voice . “Once marked, we’ll never be able to get out of Proud Snowfield alive . It’ll hunt us down one by one!”

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