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Chapter 806

806 Dead!

D- dead bodies?

His face turned livid!

“What did you say?!”

Feng Wu smiled . “Captain, do you really need me to repeat it?”

“You —”

The team leader’s gaze was sharper than a blade . His face looked stiff and he looked as if he was going to throw up . “What did you do to them?!”

“Nothing . ” Feng Wu smiled . “The Qilin Beast is eating them up as we speak . ”

“Qilin Beast? Isn’t it dead?” The team leader frowned .

“Well, the dead one was a cub, and its dad is here now . ”

“But they didn’t kill the cub!”

Feng Wu nodded . “I know . ”

“Why —”

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“Too bad . They were covered in the cub’s blood . ” Feng Wu shrugged .

The cub’s blood?

The team leader then remembered something!

That was it!

That was why the burnt corpse of the cub looked strangely shriveled, so much so that he hadn’t been able to draw any blood . Feng Wu had drained it already!

“You! You took its blood, then…”

“Yes . ”

“You!” The team leader stared at Feng Wu, as if he was seeing a ghost!

That was to say, she had planned everything from the very start!

Was she even human?!

How could anyone be this scheming?!

“You, you…” The team leader could taste blood in his mouth!

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He glared at Feng Wu, but was unable to utter a word .

Feng Wu smiled . “Do you know why I told you that?”


“Because you deserve to know why you’re going to die . ”

After that, with a wave of Feng Wu’s hand, a bottle landed at the team leader’s feet .

Feng Wu smiled . “I put your antidote in the blood of that Qilin Beast . ”

She was giving him a choice .

The blood could neutralize the poison, but it would draw the parent Qilin Beast here .

“Your choice . ” Feng Wu waved at him, then left with a grin .


The team leader stood there, utterly befuddled!

He couldn’t believe how evil the girl was!

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To use the blood or not, that was the question!

If he didn’t use it, he would die from the poison, but if he drank it, that Qilin Beast would be after him for revenge!

What should he do?!

In the end, the team leader decided that he would use it!

For once the poison was neutralized, he still had a chance to get out of here alive, as long as he could survive the next three days!

At that thought, he found a snow pit to hide in, then downed the blood in one go!

Gurgle —

As soon as he swallowed the blood, spiritual essence erupted like a volcano!

It quickly ran through all his energy channels!

How terrifying this power was!

The spiritual essence was so dense!

Instantly, the team leader felt the urge to break through to the next level .

He needed the extra strength now more than ever, and he began to work on it right away!

But —

The Qilin Beast had killed off almost all the members of Blade!

Nine and Eight were killed!

Followed by Six and Seven!

Four died after that!

So did Three…

However, that wasn’t enough for the Qilin Beast to vent its anger! It sniffed the air again .

It could still detect the scent of its cub’s blood!

Following the scent, Qilin Beast headed for the frozen river .

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