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Chapter 801

801 Don“t Chase Me

The families of their victims might try to take revenge if they knew what the hitmen looked like .

Moreover, Imperial College’s system was monitoring all candidates, and Blade could be spotted at any moment .

The team leader took a deep breath, then said in broken words, “You… kill… Feng Wu…”

Three cried out in surprise, “Captain, did you run into Feng Wu? Where are the others? Where are Two, Five, and Ten?!”

Ten had been leading the team this whole time and everyone trusted him .

“Dead… they’re all dead…”


The south group was baffled!


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Their captain was poisoned, and Two, Five, and Ten were all dead?!

“Did Feng Wu do this? Is that girl even human? How is that even possible?!” They couldn’t believe their ears!

The team leader took a deep breath, trying to clear his mind .

It was such a long story, and revealing the truth would only make them look incompetent, so the team leader decided to keep it to himself . With a wave of his hand, he said to Three, “You… must be careful… That girl is… so cunning…”

“Captain, Captain, have you been poisoned? Let’s wait until everyone’s here; she won’t be able to trick all of us, no matter how cunning she is! Captain, get some rest . Let’s work on the antidote first!”

The others agreed with Three .

Before long, the west group joined them .

Blade was still a capable team, for most of its members were still alive .

The team leader, Three, Four, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine were all alive . And everyone except for the team leader were still in good condition . Feng Wu would have no hope if they spotted her .

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All of a sudden —

“What’s that?!” Four, the most sharp-eyed among them all, spotted a shadow in the snow, and he jumped to his feet!

Feng Wu had hidden under the snow once before, and he was alarmed right away!

Seeing Four come at her like a ferocious tiger, Feng Wu jumped out and bolted .

That astonished everyone .

“Oh god, that’s Feng Wu! That’s really her! Go get her!”

“Feng Wu?! She didn’t run away? She was right here?!”

“She killed Two, Five, and Ten! Get her and avenge them!”

The team members was shocked . They never expected Feng Wu to be this audacious!

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The team leader was furious!

“Catch her! You have to catch her!”

Hence, Three, Four, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine all dashed off after Feng Wu .

Feng Wu ran as fast as the wind . She warned the team members over her shoulder as she ran, “Don’t chase me! I’m warning you! Stop chasing me!”

Three smirked . “Don’t chase you? You wish!”

Four said, “Stop running now and I’ll make it quick!”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes . “Quick or not, you’re going to kill me!”

“Stop right there!”

“I won’t!”


“I won’t!”

Three was speechless .

Did the girl think they were making fun of her? This was a pursuit!

Feng Wu looked over her shoulder as she ran . “Stop chasing me already! You’ve been warned! You’ll regret this!”

Three found it preposterous!

“You brat! Is that what you want to say before you die?!”

Feng Wu looked very innocent . “I mean it . Don’t chase me and stop right there… Otherwise, you’ll be in a lot of trouble!”

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