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Chapter 802

802 I See!

“Are you really not going to leave me alone?” Feng Wu said in resignation .

“You brat! One of us has to die today, and it’s going to be you!”

Three couldn’t understand what Feng Wu’s nagging was about .

The members of Blade ran very fast, and Feng Wu was slightly slower in comparison .

Even if she was doing her best .

Before long, she was surrounded by the team .

The six men circled Feng Wu .

And there was a ferocious look in their eyes .

Three grinned grimly . “Kid, what did I tell you? Stop running . But you wouldn’t listen . Here we are . ”

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Four grinned ominously as well . “What did you say would happen if we caught you? Do tell . ”

“You’re all going to die,” Feng Wu stared at them and said in a calm voice .

“Hahahaha —”

The hitmen guffawed!

That was the most ridiculous thing they had ever heard!

“We’ve surrounded you and we’re going to die? Are you an idiot or what?”

“Three, cut the crap . Get the antidote from her . ”


Three rushed over to Feng Wu’s side and grabbed her by the arm .

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He hesitated for a brief moment when he took her arm .

This was much easier than he had expected .

This girl had poisoned their team leader and killed Two, Five, and Ten… She should be very difficult to catch, but… he caught her? Just like that?

“Three caught her!”

The others closed in right away!

However, just then —

Pfft —

Blood poured down on their heads!

It happened too suddenly!

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And they didn’t have enough time to react!

Three, Four, Six… all six men more or less had some blood on them .

Three had it the worst . Being the closest to Feng Wu, he got most of the blood over him; it was all over his head, his face, and his clothes!

His face looked as if someone had painted it red!

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

What the hell?!

“The blood is poisonous!” Three and the others jumped backward at that thought .

They still circled Feng Wu, but not as close as before .

Everyone glared at Feng Wu, but they looked hesitant as well .

“It’s not poisonous, but…”

But what?

“But it’s worse than poison . ” Feng Wu grinned .

Three narrowed his eyes . “What blood is it?”

Just then, Four cried out, “Isn’t this Qilin Beast’s blood?! Can you feel the dense spiritual essence?”

Six said, “Gosh, I suddenly have the urge to make a breakthrough . Am I the only one?”

“No, you’re not! I have the same urge!”

They exchanged looks of amazement .

They thought that Feng Wu had poisoned them . However, she offered them something that would benefit their cultivation!

“I see!” Four cried out .

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