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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:17:15 PM
Chapter 800

800 Now Or Never!

“What about you? Are you going to die?”

Little Phoenix and the cub’s voices were full of concern .

Staring at a big blue dot on the map, Feng Wu smiled enigmatically . “I have an idea!”

As the team leader ran off, Feng Wu doubled back and headed the other way .

Toward a blue dot .

If she had guessed right, that represented a magical beast .

And the size of the dot indicated how capable it was . However, why would such a capable magical beast enter Zone 2? What was it looking for? Its cub, perhaps?

The dot wasn’t too far away and Feng Wu quickly headed its way .

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In less than 15 minutes, Feng Wu was less than one kilometer away from the blue dot .

She hid under a pile of snow and looked out through a little hole . She saw a giant Qilin Beast .

It was covered in ice and its scales glittered in the light .

The look in its eyes was sharp, murderous, and ferocious!

And anxious!

This Qilin Beast looked a lot like the dead Qilin Beast cub…

It snuffled around with a frown .

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up!

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If she had guessed correctly, this Qilin Beast was looking for that cub .

An idea struck Feng Wu when she realized that .

Members of Blade were heading for the rendezvous point .

She wouldn’t have gotten this idea if they were going somewhere else . However, they had picked that spot, which gave Feng Wu a lot of room to maneuver .

The Qilin Beast followed the scent as it searched for its cub . Feng Wu estimated that it would reach the spot where its kid died in two hours .

After the Qilin Beast left, Feng Wu quickly jumped out of the snow and headed for the rendezvous point via another route .

She needed to make some preparations in order to make use of that beast .

If she did it right, she would be able to get rid of all of Blade in one go!

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They had already learned that she had regained her abilities . If she let them leave alive, they would inform the Zuo family, and when that happened, she would have to face a lot more than just a team of hitmen .

All her worst fears would come true .

Therefore, every single member of Blade had to die!

She couldn’t afford any mistakes!

Feng Wu outlined her plan on her way to the rendezvous point, and it was a complicated, interconnected stratagem .

An hour later —

The team leader was the first to arrive .

The journey here had exhausted him . His legs gave out and he fell onto a pile of snow, panting loudly .

He found the mask too suffocating and he was having a hard time breathing, so he ripped the black cloth off his face .

His face had turned a bluish color and was speckled all over, which was a terrifying look that reminded one of livor mortis .

The team leader struggled to breathe . Wrapping his hands around his throat, he tried to throw up, but couldn’t . Darkness filled his vision!

Just when he thought he was going to pass out —

The group from the south was the first to arrive .

“Captain? Captain?”

Three was the leader of the group and he led Six and Nine back in a hurry .

“Captain? What happened? Why did you take off your mask?” Three put the mask back on his leader . After all, hitmen like them weren’t supposed to show their faces to anyone .

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