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Chapter 80: Shouldn't be Feng Wu, Right? !

Little Seventh Feng inquisitively asked. Of course it's to celebrate her success at obtaining the spirit fluid from the Immortal Spirit Fruit, of course it's to celebrate her ability to cultivate soon. However, none of these words escaped Feng Wu's mouth, because this brother of hers talked too much.

During the time Feng Wu was busy in the kitchen——

Jun Lin Yuan's group of people already left the Feng residence.

Although Feng Yi Ran apologized endlessly, Jun Lin Yuan's pair of deep eyes was always profoundly mysterious, making it impossible to guess what he was thinking.

Feng Xun's thoughts were written on his face. His thoughts, therefore, were very obvious.

He grabbed his head as he continuously and repeatedly muttered. "You guys tell me, how can Feng Wu turn out this way? How can she……how did she become so colorless?"

Fairy Mu Yao shot Feng Xun a glance. "What's so strange about that?"


Fairy Mu Yao laughed coldly. "Young Prince, think about it, what kind of situation is Feng Wu facing currently? She's a cripple now. Moreover, she's a useless person abandoned by her clan, exiled to Northern Territory City. It's impossible for her to cultivate in this lifetime, therefore, her best option now is——"

Everybody turned towards Fairy Mu Yao, brows slightly creasing.

Fairy Mu Yao continued with an air of complacency. "Therefore the best option for her right now is to obtain a reputation as a virtuous and graceful girl, then get married off to a good family to live through this short lifetime. Therefore, she lost her former liveliness and became a pedantic and dull girl, anything strange about that?"

Feng Xun wanted to refute, but discovered that he couldn't find a single word to say. He could only dazedly look at Fairy Fu Yao……was it really like that?

"She's basically living in a different world than ours. She's become an ordinary person now, but we——"

Fairy Mu Yao continued, immensely proud of herself. "We are cultivators and have boundless prospects, our futures are bright. We're standing on the other shore that Feng Wu couldn't reach in her dreams! That's why, we don't have to think of Feng Wu's matters anymore in the future, just let them float away with the wind."

Fairy Mu Yao already completely no longer considered Feng Wu a a rival, because she didn't deserve it.

Feng Xun kneaded his temples and wondered why he felt that something wasn't right. At present, they were standing at a main street.

A pair of young girls walked past them. "Elder Sister Lin Ling, did you really send some wontons to the fifth young lady? Did she really take them home? My god, how blessed!"

Lin Ling smugly raised her eyebrows and smiled. "Naturally, what kind of person is our fifth young lady? Sincere, kindhearted, lively, quick-witted, cordial……all of the words in this world added together doesn't do justice in describing her goodness."

"Did the secret recipe for your family's wonton shop come from Fifth Young Lady?"

Lin Ling also didn't avoid the topic as she smiled and replied at once. "Indeed, at the time, the fifth miss saw the plight that our family was in, solitary and impoverished. That's why she immediately imparted to us the technique for making the wontons without reservations, allowing our family to have a skill to rely on for our survival. In the future, be it scaling a mountain or plunging into a sea of flames on her behalf, I, Lin Ling, will never hesitate to do it."

"The fifth miss is such a good person, but I heard that two people came from the imperial capital. One is the Feng family's oldest young master, one is the Feng family's sixth young lady. These two people are brimming with hostility towards our fifth miss. One can tell that they're malicious and duplicitous immediately!"

While Lin Ling and her young companion were chatting as they walked——

Feng Xun's several people were staring blankly at the scene!

Fifth young lady? People from the imperial capital? Eldest Young Master Feng and Sixth Young Lady Feng……this? !

Feng Xun grabbed Lin Ling whose head was lowered as she chatted with her young companion. "The fifth young lady you guys are talking about shouldn't be Feng Wu, right? !"

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