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Chapter 79: Celebration?

"Look at you, overreaching yourself! Our Feng clan's face has been thoroughly lost by you!" Feng Liu glared at Feng Wu scornfully. "Do you think that dressing up in rich attire makes you a lovable model wife. What's more, will playing hard to get cause Crown Prince to be moved? Simply ridiculous!"

Feng Liu rejoiced in Feng Wu's misfortune and after she took a quick glance at the latter, she quickly rushed out the door!

Watching these people who rushed in like a flock of black crows disappearing instantly without a trace, Feng Wu felt quite excited!


She'd surprisingly succeeded in deceiving them!

This implied that no one knew she was little Fifth Feng, and also nobody knew that the Immortal Spirit Fruit juice was in her hands!

Simply couldn't be more perfect!

Feng Wu excitedly clenched her fists.

She could finally start to refine the Nine Reversal Spirit pill now!

Just when Feng Wu prepared to rush headlong into the pill refining room, beautiful mother held Feng Wu's hand in place. Her pair of lovely, pitiful, pretty eyes turned towards Feng Wu. "……"

Feng Wu could resist anyone's pleading, but when beautiful mother miserably turned to her, how could she say even half a word of protest?

"Mother, what is it?" Feng Wu lowered her voice, speaking gently.

Her mother stroked her stomach, in a miserable fashion. "……hungry."

Feng Wu. "……"

"Very hungry……" Her mother's pair of star like, pretty eyes became increasingly pitiful.

What Feng Wu normally couldn't resist the most, was beautiful mother's pleading eyes and tone of voice.
Was the Nine Reversal Spirit pill important? Very important!

However, compared to her mother……Feng Wu let out a sigh. The Nine Reversal Spirit pill can wait, but mother's stomach was too hungry to wait.

"Therefore?" Feng Wu helplessly turned towards her adult mother.

Sometimes, she even wondered whether her and her mother's roles had been reversed? Why did she have a feeling that she's raising a daughter? Thinking to this point, Feng Wu couldn't bring herself to cry.

"Elder Sister, Elder Sister, are you going into the kitchen? You're really cooking?"

At the sidelines, little Seventh Feng was listening for quite awhile as his two eyes shone with excitement. "Elder Sister, it's been a very long time since you've personally cooked for us."

Feng Wu watched little Seventh Feng's eyes shining bright, and looked again at her mother's equally bright eyes. She was speechless. "Is my cooking truly that tasty?"

"Yes!" Little Seventh Feng answered excitedly. "Elder Sister, don't tell me you didn't know? The fine food you cook simply makes a person lick their fingers in their mouth, makes a person wish that they can swallow their tongue along with the food!"

"Mm hm!" Beautiful mother's naive to the world face, that pair of innocent, guitless eyes, pure and artless, at present, was also usually excited. She didn't merely nod, she even grasped Feng Wu's arm without letting go.

Little Seventh Feng continued to flatter. "In addition, there also a kind of healing flavor in the food, making us feel extremely warm!"

"Yes yes yes!" Beautiful mother's little deer like, clear eyes looked towards Feng Wu and nodded very seriously.

In her previous incarnation, besides being a secret agent, Feng Wu also had another identity, and that was China's gourmet cook. She once spent three years at a Chinese professional cooking academy, and mastered seven regional cuisines as well as eight major countries' culinary styles.

Feng Wu helplessly responded. "Fine, since you like it, then let's celebrate."

"What are we celebrating?"

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