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Chapter 81: Our Fifth Young Lady Is Incredibly Awesome.

Feng Xun grabbed Lin Ling as his eyes stared wide.

Lin Ling used a very strange kind of gaze to look at Feng Xun. "You are……"

This young man was truly good-looking, red lips and white teeth, with delicate features. Lin Ling has already lived many years yet had never seen such a good-looking young man in her life. She immediately blanked out a bit when looking at him.

Feng Xun was ordinarily quite intelligent. He knew that asking normally may not necessary be the best method to get information, hence, he laughed coldly. "You guys shouldn't be speaking of Feng Wu, right? That crippled Fifth Young Lady from the Feng family?"

The minute Lin Ling heart these words, her complexion immediately became unsightly! She fiercely threw off Feng Xun's hand, anger floating on her face, furiously glaring at Feng Xun. "What do you mean? What crippled Fifth Young Lady? ! Our Fifth Young Lady is incredibly awesome, how's she crippled? !"

The girl named Song Yu Xin standing next to Lin Ling was also one of the girls in Feng Wu's fan club. Therefore, this seemingly mild, gentle and soft, tender young girl, also angrily glared at Feng Xun!

Feng Xun was somewhat dizzy due to the scolding he received from these two young girls.

It ought to be known, he was Feng Xun, Young Prince Feng, the Prince Charming how many girls from the capital yearned for. Right now, unexpectedly, people were pointing at his nose as they scolded him?

Feng Xun was angered and said unhappily. "What? Can it be that I'm wrong? It goes without saying that Feng Wu is a cripple. Moreover, she seems to resemble a blockhead, dull, foolish, dumb, extremely colorless……"

"Hey!" Lin Ling was truly angry now, her hands on her hips as she glowered at Feng Xun. "Are you sick or something? ! You look handsome, but why do you say such offensive things. Has our Fifth Young Lady provoked you or irritated you? Why are you defaming her?"

Feng Xun pointed at his own nose. "Woah woah woah, how have I defamed……"

"You still dare to say you haven't defamed our Fifth Young Lady? What did you say just now? Your Fifth Young Lady resembled a blockhead, dull, foolish and dumb? Colorless? Lying through your teeth like this and still denying it? ! Our Fifth Young Lady is vivacious, cheerful, passionate, amiable, devoted to others, how is that like a blockhead? !" Lin Ling's words certainly flowed smoothly as she angrily glared at Feng Xun. In Lin Ling's eyes, Feng Wu wasn't merely their family's life saving benefactor, she was also her most admired, most sacred idol. How could others be allowed to criticize her? Simply intolerable!

"Indeed!" The slightly younger Song Yu Xin was just like Lin Ling, both hands at her hips, fiercely agreeing with the latter!

Feng Xun was told off by Lin Ling so fiercely, how could a youngster's temperament like his endure it?

He laughed coldly. "Feng Wu's not slow witted? Ha ha ha, I saw it with my own eyes, how can it be false?"

The one who'd currently become a mistress who only walks through the main door and refuses the side door, following customs like a ruler, systematic, stuffy, unbearably pedantic, her entire person radiating a stubborn and dull odor……

Lin Ling also burst out laughing coldly. "Our Elder Sister Feng Wu is amiable, passionate, lively, carefree and takes pleasure in helping others. We've also seen it with our own eyes!"

"Exactly right!" Song Yu Xin fiercely agreed!

Feng Xun sneered. "Do commoners, young girls like you, even have the opportunity to see her? What kind of a joke is that."

It's not that Feng Xun looked down on them. Actually, Feng Wu currently seemed too confined, too guarded, too strait-laced. It seemed impossible for her to walk in the street.

"Pff, cheh——" Lin Ling scoffed and used a kind of very contemptuous look to glance at Feng Xun. "Unbelievable, you look like a model but act like a dog. Didn't expect that you're so arrogant, putting on airs! That's right, you're a young master, a young lord, you're aloof and on high, you look down on common people like us, but based on what do you say that our Fifth Young Lady is also like this?"

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