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Chapter 799

799 Run?

He ran away? Just like that?!

Feng Wu was baffled .

She didn’t expect the team leader to bolt . She had set up a series of traps and gadgets in the temple, which had taken her quite a while, but her target had run off without triggering any of them .

“The guy didn’t become the leader of Blade for nothing . He’s really cautious . ” Feng Wu shook her head regretfully .

However, he had been poisoned and wouldn’t be able to run very far .

After the miserable pursuit she had endured, it was finally time for Feng Wu to strike back .

Hence, Feng Wu left quickly and went after the team leader .

The team leader struggled to keep moving forward .

He had realized by now that Two, Five, and Ten were all dead and he was the only one left in his group . It just so happened that he had been poisoned .

That toxin…

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The moment he thought about it, he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood .

This wasn’t good at all!

“That abominable girl!” The team leader gritted his teeth, wanting to cut Feng Wu into little pieces .

However, there wasn’t anything he could do at the moment except get back to his other team members as soon as possible .

Luckily, they had a special means of communication, and they roughly knew where the other team members were .

The team had split into three groups .

Two, Five, and Ten headed north .

Three, Six, and Nine headed south .

Four, Seven, and Eight headed west .

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The other two groups were all that was left of Blade .

The team couldn’t afford to lose any more members and had to stick together .

The team leader sent out a distress signal .

A distress signal?!

Three was the head of the team heading south, and his stomach lurched when he received the signal . He confirmed it with the other two members . “Did you receive that?”

“Captain’s distress signal?”


“I think he might have run into the real Feng Wu!”

“But we’ve almost caught up to our target . Are we going to give up now?”

“You idiot! There’s only one Feng Wu, and if Captain has found the real one, then we’re running after a fake one!”

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“Enough with your ‘right’! Get back to Captain already!”

The group gathered together and headed north .

Meanwhile, the group heading west received the same signal .

“Captain’s distress signal?”

“He’s the most powerful cultivator of us all . How…”

“Something must be terribly wrong! Quick, let’s go back to the rendezvous point!”

“Where’s that?”

“Captain said to meet him where the Qilin Beast and Ice Fire Beast fought . ”


The group in the south gave up on chasing Little Phoenix .

And the group in the west stopped pursuing the cub .

Both groups headed for the place where the Qilin Beast and Ice Fire Beast fought each other to death, for that was where the three routes met .

Feng Wu tailed the team leader and kept her distance . Judging by the direction he was heading in, she knew what he was up to right away .

Just then —

Feng Wu heard Little Phoenix’s voice in her head .

“They’re heading back! They’re coming your way! Little Feng Wu, they must have realized you’re the real one and they’re coming for you! Run!”

Meanwhile, the cub’s voice joined in .

“Roarrr — they left!”

As her spiritual pets, Little Phoenix and the cub could both send her telepathic messages, as long as they weren’t too far apart .

An idea struck Feng Wu . “They have to meet up where the Qilin Beast and Ice Fire Beast died . Follow them, but don’t get too close . ”

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