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Chapter 798

798 Gone?

The team leader frowned . “Take Ten’s body into the temple . I’ll go find them . ”

He dashed off after that .

Watching the team leader leave, Feng Wu smiled a little .

The team leader pursued with caution, but he couldn’t see Two or Feng Wu anywhere .

This wasn’t right? Wasn’t Feng Wu supposed to be badly injured? Catching up with her should be a piece of cake, but where was she?

The more he thought about it, the more doubtful he felt .

He turned around and headed back .

The temple was dead silent and he didn’t hear a thing .

The team leader walked in to find Ten’s body on the ground, but where did Five go?

“Five? Five!” he called out with a frown .

But Five didn’t show, no matter how loud his voice was .

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That was strange .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was lying in a snow pit, waiting for the poison to take effect .

She wouldn’t be able to beat the team leader if she confronted him now . Her best option was to stay put and let the poison do its work!

But —

There was one thing Feng Wu hadn’t taken into consideration .

The team leader was more cautious than she had anticipated!

After all, he was the team leader of Blade, which was proof enough of his intelligence .

He looked back on what had happened so far, from Ten leaving and Five searching for the guy, to Ten’s death and Two’s disappearance . Then… something just didn’t feel right! What was it?

The hands!

The team leader swayed a little!

There were old scars on Five’s hands, but when “Five” grabbed his hand and told him what happened to Ten, those hands didn’t have a mark on them!

That wasn’t right!

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When had this feeling started?

After Five went out to fetch the meat!

At that thought, the team leader felt all the blood rush to his head and his mind went blank for a second .

This was bad… really bad!

He forced himself to calm down, then drew out his sword and scanned the entire area around the temple with his spiritual essence!

It was a very energy-consuming move, but that was the last thing on his mind!

He sensed something abnormal under a pile of snow by the wall!

He threw his sword in that direction!


Fueled by spiritual essence, the blade pierced all the way into the snow pile, the hilt included!

The team leader grinned grimly . He jumped over to the pile of snow and dragged the person out!

“Feng Wu! There you are!”

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However, his pupils contracted when he saw the person’s face!

It wasn’t Feng Wu!

As the leader of the team, he had seen Five without the mask on .

Right now, his sword had pierced Five through the heart .

The team leader was speechless .

He killed Five?!

He was completely baffled .

Poor man . He couldn’t have expected Feng Wu to put Five back into his outfit already .

This was way she had only knocked Five out instead of killing him right away .

As expected, the team leader walked into the trap .

Staring at Five, whom he had killed, the team leader thought he was going to pass out .

Five hadn’t been replaced? That was to say, he had gotten everything wrong . What was going on here?

Feng Wu’s interwoven stratagems successfully befuddled the team leader .

“Hm —”

All of a sudden, he gripped his chest as he felt a throbbing pain in his heart!

That was…

The team leader’s face turned livid .

He realized right away that he had been poisoned!


Although he didn’t know what it was, he didn’t let his guard down . Leaping into the air, he jumped out of the window as swiftly as a swallow . He then dashed off and was soon out of sight!

Feng Wu was speechless .

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