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Chapter 797

797 One At a Time

The team leader rushed over to “Five” with a frown .

Feng Wu’s acting was very convincing!

The team leader was about to check her pulse when she gripped his hand . “I’m alright . Go… go help… Ten… Quickly…”

Her cover would be blown if he checked her pulse now!


The team leader’s pupils contracted . He then dashed off in the direction Feng Wu had pointed in .

He called over his shoulder, “Two, look after Five!”

Two took Feng Wu’s hand after the team leader left . “Let me have a look —”

He immediately realized that something wasn’t right .

The hand was too smooth and too fair . It looked like a girl’s hand . Why would Five… Wait!

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The idea had only just struck Two when —

A dagger was buried in his chest!


The blade pierced his heart and the tip came out of his back!

Two stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!


He struck down at Feng Wu .

A dying strike could be lethal!

Luckily, Feng Wu was prepared . She had fled the other way as soon as she stabbed the guy .

Two missed his target and his palm landed on the ground .

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The impact created a deep pit in the ground .

By then, Feng Wu had gone round behind Two, and she kicked him into the pit he had created himself .

Thump .

Feng Wu pulled out the dagger; the blood was everywhere .

“You, you’re… Feng Wu!” Two was anything but dumb, and he saw the light right away .

Feng Wu grinned . “Those were Ten’s last words, too . ”

“Ten… Ten…”

“Yes, I’ve killed him, too . ” Feng Wu smiled at him .

Feng Wu had nothing against these people, but they were trying to kill her for money – she would be the dead one if she didn’t strike first .

Two looked despairing .

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He had never expected that a simple task like this would get him killed .

He died shortly afterward .

Feng Wu filled the pit with snow .

The team leader was the only one left in this group .

That guy was a very capable cultivator . Feng Wu couldn’t tell exactly what his level was, but she knew that she wouldn’t be able to beat him even if she made it to Level 6 .

Although she had poisoned the firewood, judging from the team leader’s movements, the poison hadn’t taken effect yet . If she tried to take him out now, Feng Wu would be the one who was killed .


The team leader returned with Ten’s dead body over his shoulder . Seeing “Five” on the ground, he rushed over and tried to shake “him” awake .

Feng Wu thought she was going to have a concussion from all the shaking when she opened her eyes . “Captain…”

“Where’s Two? Isn’t he with you?”

“Feng Wu… Feng Wu ambushed us… Two went after her…” Feng Wu slowly rose to her feet, swaying a little .

“How are you doing?” The team leader looked pissed .

Ten, the scout, had been killed; it was only natural that he was displeased .

“I’ll survive . ” Feng Wu gritted her teeth .

She couldn’t afford to act too weak now . Her cover would be blown if the team leader checked her pulse .

The team leader nodded . “Where did they go?”

“Over there —” Feng Wu pointed to the west . “Feng Wu was injured and we knew right away that she wouldn’t get very far . That was why Two went after her . I think we’ll hear good news very soon . ”

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