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Chapter 796

796 Feng Wu the Excellent Actress

At that thought, Feng Wu smiled a little .

However, the mask shielded her face from the team leader and Two .

The team leader shook his head as he watched Feng Wu go out . “Five isn’t sharp enough . If he doesn’t improve soon enough, Ten is going to replace him . ”

Two nodded . “Ten hasn’t been with us long, but he’s decisive and relentless, and he’s an excellent cultivator, too . He’s got a lot of potential . ”

The team leader smirked . “Too much potential, actually . ”

Two darted a strange look at his captain . Was the guy threatened by the newcomer already?

Feng Wu headed north after she left the temple .

She had taken note of the direction Ten had headed in when the guy left earlier .

Feng Wu had planned everything out from the very beginning .

And everything was proceeding according to plan .

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She kept heading north . Ten knew how to track people, and so did Feng Wu .

And she was unmatched in her counter-reconnaissance skills .

Fifteen minutes later, Feng Wu spotted Ten in a valley .

Crouching down next to a pile of snow, Ten was lost in thought .

“What’s bothering you?” Feng Wu patted him on the shoulder .

Ten threw a dirty look at “Five,” then went back to his pondering .

“Got a lead?” Feng Wu sat down with her legs crossed and asked in a casual tone .

Ten ignored her .

“Captain wants you back . The meal’s ready . You coming?”

Feng Wu mimicked the way Five spoke, and she was doing an excellent job . She could fool just about anyone .

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“It’s strange . ” Finally, Ten began to speak .

“How so?”

“The track stops here,” Ten said to himself . “Feng Wu was here and I can detect her scent . But where did she go?”

“She ran away, no?”

“But in which direction? I can only find traces of her coming here, but not… I see!” Ten smacked his thigh . “She went back! She doubled back to the temple! Feng Wu’s hiding in the temple — hngh —”

Before Ten could finish what he wanted to say, a sword pierced through his chest . It went in through his back and came out through his rib!

Blood dripped from the tip of the cold blade…

The pain was excruciating!

Ten desperately tried to turn his head . But —


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The sword twisted in his chest!

It hurt…

“You —” Ten cried out in disbelief as blood gushed out of his mouth .

Drawing back her Flaming Sword, Feng Wu watched as Ten fell to the ground… She smiled a little .

“You’re…” Ten struggled to speak . “…Feng Wu…”

“You’re very smart . But it’s too late for you . ” Feng Wu darted a glance at him .

Ten was overwhelmed with emotions .

After searching for Feng Wu for three days, he had finally found her… among the team members .

What would happen to the team now that he was gone? Ten found the idea horrifying .

However, there was nothing he could do now .

His life had come to an end .

Feng Wu darted another look at the dead body, then began to smear Ten’s blood all over herself .

By then, the team leader and Two had probably finished their meal, so Feng Wu began to run toward the temple .

“Captain! Captain! Captain!”

The feigned panic in her voice carried very far in the wind .

The team leader and Two were talking about Feng Wu, and they rushed out as soon as they heard her shouts .


Feng Wu fell to the ground and rolled around in the snow . It looked like she was barely breathing .

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