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Chapter 795

795 Undercover

The disguise wasn’t difficult for Feng Wu at all .

The difficulty lay in the fact that she didn’t have much time — a few minutes at most .

As expected, someone called from inside the temple . “Five? Five!”

By then, Feng Wu had already put on Five’s clothes . She picked up the cured meat and only headed back after straightening her new outfit .

Luckily, everyone wore masks, which made it more difficult for them to see through her cover .

But it didn’t change the fact that it was dangerous .

Feng Wu walked in to find the team leader making noodles and Two working on the stove .

This wasn’t what she pictured a team of hitmen to look like .

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Seeing “Five” come back, the team leader took over the meat from “him,” cut it into thin slices with his sword, then tossed the slices into the pot .

“Don’t just stand around . We’re low on water . Go fetch some snow . ”

“Sure . ” Feng Wu happily did as told .

The team leader and Two started a conversation as Feng Wu melted some snow in a bowl .

The team leader said, “This Feng Wu is an interesting case, I’ll give her that . She was actually able to evade us for three days . ”

If the team leader was the head of the team, then Two was the brain . Analysing was his specialty .

As he worked on the fire, Two said, “Feng Wu is an incredible girl . Most of the rumors out there belittle her and call her a good-for-nothing, but they have no idea how level-headed she really is . She’s been able to tolerate all the slander . ”

The team leader frowned . “Is she that good?”

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Two nodded . “Judging by the traces she left behind, she’s at least a Spiritual Grandmaster . ”

The team leader agreed . “An intermediate one, at least . ”

Two said, “She’s really an impressive girl . She’ll be a real threat to the Zuo family if they don’t intervene . ”

The team leader smirked . “Too bad for her, the Zuo family found out and want her dead . ”

Feng Wu didn’t hear the rest of the conversation . All she could think of was that last sentence .

The Zuo family had found out and they wanted her dead .

She had taken all possible precautions, but the Zuo family had still found out . Moreover, they had sent a team of hitmen after her .

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The Zuo family!

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu tried her best not to let her emotions show .

Two said, “Captain, we should be even more careful from now on . One slip and we may blow the whole thing . ”

“As impressive as this Feng Wu might be, she’s an intermediate Spiritual Grandmaster at most . And we’re still hot on the heels of this smart girl, aren’t we?” The team leader smirked . “Any one of us can take her out by ourselves . There’s no need to worry . ”

Two shook his head . “It’s not that simple . ”

The team leader grinned . “Ten’s out searching for her, isn’t he? I bet he’ll come back with Feng Wu’s head on a plate . ”

He then darted a glance at Feng Wu over his shoulder . “What’s taking you so long? All you need to do is melt some snow . Five, keep working like a sluggard and Ten will replace you in no time . ”

Feng Wu was speechless .

The team leader waved his hand impatiently . “I wouldn’t worry about you so much if you were half as capable as Ten . You know what? Stop what you’re doing . Go fetch Ten . ”

“Alright…” Feng Wu headed out .

She had been looking for an opportunity to get to Ten, and it just fell into her lap . What great timing .

Feng Wu was well aware that as a scout, Ten had a special ability to track things . It was because of him that she couldn’t throw these people off her trail .

Destroy the leader and the gang would collapse . At the moment, Ten was that “leader”!

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