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Chapter 794

794 A Perfect Plan

The captain had spoken and the rest of them had to obey .

Moreover, everyone except for Ten wanted to get some rest inside .

Hiding in the snow pit, Feng Wu watched as the men entered the temple . Only then did she let out a breath of relief .

She had held her breath in order to avoid being detected by Ten .

Looking at the closed door and the orange flames through the window, Feng Wu smiled a little .

She rejoiced at her good luck .

Luckily, she had cleaned up all her wounds and changed into new clothes, or Ten might actually have caught her scent just then .

Feng Wu was almost sure that her blood was the reason that Ten had been able to track her .

Inside .

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They saw the inside of the temple after the fire was lit .

Not only was there a bedroom, the place came with a kitchen as well .

And there was rice, flour, and firewood .

Five cried out in surprise, “I see rice and flour! Gosh, what a blessing in lousy weather like this!”

“Quick, let’s cook some rice . ”

Two’s eyes lit up . “I think I saw some cured meat hanging on the wall on our way in . ”


All eyes widened at the mention of meat, and they reminded one of the eyes of hungry wolves!

Ever since entering this terrain, they had survived on pancakes harder than rocks and colder than ice; they thought they were going to chew their teeth off . The thought of meat was most wonderful!

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“I’ll go get it!” Five rose to his feet in excitement .

Ten wanted to go, but Two stopped him . “Let Five do it . He’s looking forward to it . ”

Ten frowned . “We’re in the middle of nowhere and there’s firewood and rice in a dilapidated temple? Don’t you find that strange?”

The team leader shook his head . “I’ve checked . The dust here suggests that no one has set foot in here for at least a month . Don’t worry . ”

Ten frowned . Something was nagging at him .

He headed out .

“Where are you going?” the team leader shouted after him .

“I’ll take a walk outside . Maybe I’ll find some leads . ” Ten then left the temple and headed north .

The team leader shook his head . “That guy is way too careful . ”

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Two shook his head as well . “It’s one thing to be cautious, but he’s overdoing it . ”

The team leader and Two used to find cooking a menial job, but they forgot all about that now . One lit the stove while the other put rice into a pot . Both enjoyed what they were doing .

Outside —

Feng Wu had put the meat there as bait .

She was waiting for someone to come and get it .

She was ready to kill .

Feng Wu had planned to kill Ten first before moving on to the rest of the team one at a time . However —

Ten had left and Five was here instead .

Well, Five would do . As long as she could get close to the team .

Five was reaching for the cured meat when —

What happened was quicker than words could describe!

Feng Wu grabbed Five by the ankles and pulled him into the pit!

Before Five could make a sound, Feng Wu hit him in an acupoint, which silenced him right away .

Five glared at Feng Wu until she knocked him out with a strike to the back of his neck .

Without hesitation, Feng Wu stripped the guy and put on his clothes .

Instantly, Feng Wu became the new Five .

Fortunately for her, members of Blade all wore masks . All Feng Wu needed to do was make some changes to her movements and her eyes .

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