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Chapter 793

793 Ambush

Feng Wu moved swiftly in the snowstorm and headed directly for Zone 1 .

She had indeed split her tracks into three .

Little Phoenix, the cub, and she herself were running in three different directions .

Both pets had been smeared with her blood, making sure that Ten could smell her scent .

She was right —

The team leader stared at Ten . “Which one?”

Ten closed his eyes to heighten his senses, but shook his head in the end . “I can’t say for sure . ”

“Which direction is the most likely, then?”

“North . ”

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“Good . ” The team leader narrowed his eyes and made a decision . “Two, Five, Ten, you three follow me to the north . ”

“Three, Six, Nine, to the south . ”

“Four, Seven, Eight, to the west . ”

Once the tasks were assigned, Blade moved out .

They ran into the snowstorm after their targets .

Ten grew more certain as they moved on . “The target is in this direction!”

The team leader was elated . Good .

The night was dark and the wind howled .

It was the darkest hour before dawn .

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Standing on a mountain peak, Feng Wu could see the enemy that was chasing her . However, the blue dots representing magical beasts were still a long distance away .

At the current speed, she would be outrun in ten minutes .

A solemn look flickered in Feng Wu’s eyes . She couldn’t just stand around and wait for her doom . She had to save herself .

Zone 1 was right ahead and she spotted a dilapidated temple .

In this world of ice and snow, even a worn-down temple could bring hope .

Feng Wu entered the temple without hesitation .

The outside of the temple was in disrepair . This lone building in the middle of the snowfield threatened to fall down at the slightest breeze .

However, after she walked in, Feng Wu saw that someone had cleaned it up .

Not only was there a stove and firewood, she also found some rice and flour in a bucket .

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If she was guessing right, this place had been used as a temporary hunting lodge .

Feng Wu smiled a little as she examined the makeshift kitchen .

Other candidates couldn’t bring many supplies in with them, but not her . For instance, all her potions were stored in her ring .

After taking a quick tour of the kitchen, Feng Wu left the temple .

But she didn’t go far . Instead, she lay in wait under a snowdrift a few steps away from the temple .

From that angle, Feng Wu could see the window, and she had already poked a hole in the window paper .

She had the best view .

She believed that those people would come after her very soon!

As expected, in less than ten minutes —

Footsteps came from the other side .

“Captain, there’s a house!” one of them cried out in pleasant surprise .

After a three-day chase in the snow without rest, even these capable hitmen wanted a roof over their heads and a fire to warm their food .

Ten frowned . “Five, it’s not time to eat yet . ”

Five was disgruntled . “Ten, can we at least continue the pursuit on a full stomach? We’ve been running for three days without rest and had to survive on rock-hard pancakes and snow . I’m not sure if we can survive for long if this goes on . ”

Ten sulked, but didn’t say another word .

The team leader asked Ten, “Anything new on the target?”

Ten frowned . “Her scent has grown fainter and it’s getting harder to track her . ”

The team leader looked up at the sky, then shook his head . “The snowstorm is getting heavier and we won’t be able to travel in these conditions . We still have four days left . Let’s take a break inside . ”

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