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Chapter 78: Are This Highness' Eyes Defective?

Feng Xun simply felt too disappointed and faced Jun Lin Yuan to say. "Meaningless, just too meaningless, this Feng residence is no longer the least bit meaningful."

Originally, Feng Xun was full of expectations and was looking forward to meeting Feng Wu. Now, after he's been thoroughly disappointed, he felt extremely gloomy.

"Let's go, let's go, what meaning is there still in remaining here?" Feng Xun waved his hand, turned around and left.

Feng Wu's heart stirred, clenching her fists tightly in excitement!

Want to leave? That's great! Hurry and leave! Not to mention Feng Xun, she pretended to be stiff and wooden, acted to the point even she herself felt like she wanted to throw up, alright?

However, after Feng Xun walked a few steps away, she discovered that Jun Lin Yuan still stood motionless in his original spot.

Jun Lin Yuan's gaze was threatening, deep and profound, as he dangerously narrowed his eyes. In that pair of good-looking, deep eyes, was a profound mystery, no one could guess what he's thinking.

"Boss Jun, you're not leaving?" A disappointed sigh spread over Fen Xun's entire face. Is there any reason to remain at this Feng residence anymore?

That's right, why're you still not leaving! Feng Wu felt somewhat anxious.

She already planned it all. As soon as Jun Lin Yuan and the rest left, she'd immediately enter the pill refining room to refine the Nine Reversal Spirit pill as quickly as possible and start to cultivate!

She, really, was, dying, to, start!

However, currently, Jun Lin Yuan's gaze was burning and fervent, his eyes hidden in depth, restrained and submerged, as if the most dangerous, most dreadful, demonic beast king from Icebound Forest was staring at Feng Wu!

Stared attentively by Jun Lin Yuan's pair of dangerous eyes, Feng Wu only felt her heart thumping and beating wildly. Her nervous heart was jumping out of her throat.

Jun Lin Yuan moved forward step by step.

Feng Wu's heart abruptly skipped a beat!

What did Jun Lin Yuan want to do? !

Right at this time, Feng Xun stared at Jun Lin Yuan again.

"Boss Jun, you shouldn't be interested in her, right?" Feng Xun used a kind of incredulous gaze to stare at Jun Lin Yuan. "This girl is indeed pretty, however, you surprisingly like that lifeless, wooden, rigid, pedantic slow-witted beauty?"

Jun Lin Yuan sucked in a mouthful of air as his cold gaze stared at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun quickly raised his hands in surrender. "Fine fine fine, Boss Jun, if you like her……"

"Are, this, Highness', eyes, defective?" Jun Lin Yuan's words seemed to contain an anger stemming from humiliation.

Jun Lin Yuan had always used his words sparingly, that's why he'd almost never exceeded four words at a time. However, just now, don't know if it was because he was provoked by Feng Xun, but his sentence surprisingly contained five words!

After he spoke this sentence, Jun Lin Yuan flung his sleeves, turned, and left!

Feng Xun patted his stomach. "Didn't I say it, how can this kind of girl enter Boss Jun's sights? If she's brought home as a wife, isn't this the same as hugging a block of wood to bed everyday? Feels awful just thinking about it."

While Feng Xun spoke, his quick footsteps kept pace with Jun Lin Yuan.

Xuan Yi profoundly shot a glance at Feng Wu, then turned and left in the same way as the others.

Fairy Mu Yao's pair of hands rested behind her as she complacently walked a full circle around Feng Wu and disdainfully glanced at her. "Indeed beautiful, but without any spirit, too pitiful——"

After she spoke, Fairy Mu Yao turned to leave. She waved her hand at Feng Wu behind her, no longer considering Feng Wu as a threatening rival in love at all.

Feng Yi Ran glared at Feng Wu very fiercely before stepping quickly to overtake Jun Lin Yuan.

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