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Chapter 787

787 Exposed?

Old Man Xuanyuan might try to sound modest, but he failed to hide the satisfaction in his voice .

Grand Secretary Fang darted a look at the guy . No one there was nearly as talented as Feng Wu . The girl could activate a second attribute at her current age .

And Feng Wu was unmatched in her performance in the written exam — she was the first candidate in history to achieve full marks .

Grand Secretary Fang casually darted another look at Xuanyuan Kun . Buddy, you’ll see .

“Oh, by the way —”

Xuanyuan Kun feigned an indifferent tone . “How about we take a look at that Yu Mingye? What’s he up to at the moment?”

The old man was really here to sound them out .

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Grand Secretary Fang knew that the top candidate each year would be rewarded with special cultivation resources .

The fact that even someone as experienced as Xuanyuan Kun was interested in the reward was proof enough of how valuable it was .

Grand Secretary Fang darted a glance at Xuanyuan Kun . “The sacred son made an agreement with the college before he went in . All visual surveillance of him is off-limits . ”

Xuanyuan Kun rubbed his chin . He had heard rumors of it, but it still displeased him to be rejected outright .

“What about Feng Wu? Let’s have a look at her . ” Xuanyuan Kun changed his target .

Priest Wu and Grand Secretary Fang exchanged looks .

He wanted to see Xiao Wu? No way .

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The girl was taking her reward from that Ice Fire Beast even as they were speaking . If Xuanyuan Kun saw it, he would be alarmed and would probably keep an eye on Feng Wu from now on .

The Xuanyuan family was well-acquainted with the Zuo family, and Xuanyuan Kun was also a close friend of Zuo He .

Xiao Wu was the reason Zuo He was dead . Therefore, the girl couldn’t be exposed no matter what .

At that thought, Grand Secretary Fang turned him down . “That girl has long lost her cultivation ability and she’s not even in the first 200 . Why do you want to look at what she’s doing?”

Priest Wu chimed in, “And she’s a girl, and could be swimming or taking a bath as we speak . That’s highly inappropriate for us old men to watch . You old bat —”

Embarrassed, Xuanyuan Kun tried to make an excuse . “I’m curious, that’s all . ”

“No, you’re not . You’re worried that Feng Wu will threaten Xuanyuan Yi’s ranking . Are you serious? The girl isn’t even in the first 200 . Forget it . According to the most updated information —”

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Only the names of the first 200 candidates were on the screen, but Grand Secretary Fang had the clearance level to see the full list .

And he scrolled down the list .

All 900 candidates were ranked according to their scores .

Of the original 1000 candidates, 100 had withdrawn because of the dangers they had run into . Of the remaining 900 candidates, Feng Wu was ranked last .

“Pfft —”

Even someone as composed as Xuanyuan Kun couldn’t suppress his laughter when he saw the rankings .

Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu both frowned .

Xiao Wu had absorbed the spiritual essence of both the Ice Fire Beast and the Qilin Beast, but because she had removed her headband, the stars weren’t lit . Otherwise, she would be at the top of the list!

Xuanyuan Kun had no idea what the other two old men were thinking . Stroking his beard, he smiled wryly . “The first in the written exam is last in the physical tryout . That’s a first —”

Xuanyuan Kun left the room, still chuckling .

Feng Wu had no idea what was going on outside, nor was she aware of the harsh comments about her . Right now, she was focused on absorbing every last bit of the spiritual essence coming out of the Ice Fire Beast .

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