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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:17:55 PM
Chapter 786

786 Feeling Good

No, no —

The Ice Fire Beast glared at Feng Wu and wouldn’t look away .

It shook its head repeatedly .

Blood poured out of the holes where the horns used to be .

“Pffft —” The Ice Fire Beast spat out a mouthful of blood, convulsed violently, and died .

It refused to close its eyes .

It was still staring at Feng Wu with a twisted face in its very last moment .

In front of the screen, Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu exchanged amazed looks yet again .

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Priest Wu asked, “Ice attribute?”

Grand Secretary Fang said, “Yes . ”

Priest Wu asked, “Can it happen to adults?”

Grand Secretary Fang said, “Not normally . ”

“But —”

Feng Wu had done it .

Just then, footsteps came from outside!

Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu switched the camera focus right away and the screen now showed Xuanyuan Yi .

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A tall, thin old man in a neat white robe walked in, looking almost ethereal .

He greeted Grand Secretary Fang with a smile as soon as he entered the room . “Mr Fang, have you been here every day?”

It was the elderly head of the Xuanyuan family and one of the seven members of the education board, Xuanyuan Kun .

“I have . ” Grand Secretary Fang nodded, then gestured at Xuanyuan Kun to sit down .

Seeing his grandson on the screen, Xuanyuan Kun smiled even more cheerfully . “Have you been observing Yi Er?”

Grand Secretary Fang nodded . “Xuanyuan Yi has been quite impressive . ”

Xuanyuan Kun gloated, which didn’t match his otherworldly demeanor .

Stroking his goatee, he feigned a look of resignation . “Not impressive enough, apparently . He’s still second . What a pity . ”

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Priest Wu rubbed his chin . “Not necessarily . ”

Xuanyuan Kun looked as if he was confused . “How so?”

Priest Wu cursed the cunning old man in his head . The old fox was doing this on purpose . However, he still answered the question . “The sacred son might be first in the physical tryout, but he did very poorly in the written exam . We can’t say for sure that he’ll be first . ”

Xuanyuan Kun rubbed his chin, as if he was lost in thought, but his eyes flickered .

He then waved his hand . “No, no, that can’t be . The sacred son is as famous as His Royal Highness; there’s no way my Yi Er will be able to surpass him . ”

Priest Wu vented his sarcasm inwardly . If that’s the case, cut the crap already .

However, in order to keep Xuanyuan Kun’s attention away from Feng Wu, Priest Wu had to find every excuse to compare Xuanyuan Yi with Yu Mingye .

“Of course it’s possible . Anything is possible . We’ll never know before the final results are out . ” Priest Wu gave a double-edged reply .

In fact, Priest Wu found Feng Wu much more promising than Xuanyuan Yi .

Grand Secretary Fang had warned Priest Wu already: For some special reason, Feng Wu’s recovery of her cultivation ability couldn’t be made public yet . It had to stay a secret .

Priest Wu grinned at Xuanyuan Kun .

To him, first and second place in the exam should belong to Feng Wu and Yu Mingye . There was no hope for Xuanyuan Yi .

However, Old Man Xuanyuan here took the bait .

“You really think my Yi Er… has a chance?”

“Yes, of course . Everyone has a chance . Have faith . ” Priest Wu smiled like a fox .

Xuanyuan Kun waved his hands again, feigning modesty . “You flatter me . Come to think of it, Yi Er really has great talent in martial arts . And he did pretty well in the written exam, too . Hahahaha —”

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