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Chapter 788

788 A Great Harves

The spiritual essence was dissipating fast . If Feng Wu didn’t act quickly enough, it would soon disappear into thin air .

Therefore, Feng Wu woke the cub and Little Phoenix up, and got them to absorb the spiritual essence along with her .

The girl, the cub, and the bird formed a triangle around the Ice Fire Beast and feasted on the spiritual essence, and they didn’t stop until it ran out fifteen minutes later .

After that, Feng Wu turned to that Qilin Beast .

With its head barely attached to its body, the beast stared at the tiger cub with a despairing look in its eyes .

This cub was the culprit in this whole thing!

The tiger cub had lured the Qilin Beast out and instigated a fight between the two beasts . Then —

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“It… wasn’t… your dad?”

Seeing that the tiger cub was very close to the human girl and that it was even absorbing the Ice Fire Beast’s spiritual essence, the Qilin Beast finally realized what had happened .

It stammered out those words in broken beast language, feeling utterly betrayed .

The tiger cub looked back at the Qilin Beast with an innocent look in its eyes and shook its head . Of course not .

The Qilin Beast was shocked!

So, it had been tricked by this abominable tiger cub!

It wanted to cut the cub into pieces!

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Its gaze then shifted from the cub to Feng Wu .

Her blood smelled so good…

Staring at Feng Wu with a greedy look in its eyes, the Qilin Beast said to the cub in a matter-of-fact tone, “You, do me a favor . ”

The cub looked at it in bewilderment .

The Qilin Beast swallowed in pain, then stared at Feng Wu . “Kill her and… give her blood… to me…”

Instinct made the Qilin Beast struggle for its life .

Somehow, it knew that it would survive if it could eat the human girl .

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Had it known better… had it known that the human girl was hiding in the snow, it would have shared the girl with that Ice Fire Beast . She would have been dead by now .

Feng Wu recognized the murderous look in the Qilin Beast’s eyes .

“What is it saying?” Feng Wu didn’t understand the language .

“It said: Kill you, drink your blood . ”

While the cub was still gesturing with its paws, Little Phoenix, who was the more intelligent one, translated for Feng Wu .

“And, if it knew that you were hiding in the snow, it wouldn’t have fought with the Ice Fire Beast . It would have shared you with the Ice Fire Beast and they could eat you together . ” Little Phoenix broke the cruel news to Feng Wu .

Feng Wu was speechless .

Luckily, the cub had dragged her into a pit, or she would have been eaten up by now .

Feng Wu went up to the Qilin Beast, crouched down, and stared at it coldly . “I didn’t mean to get you involved and I was sorry that you almost got decapitated . I was going to treat your wound . ”

The beast might be beyond saving for other doctors, but not Feng Wu .

She could have saved this Qilin Beast cub, but —

“Your worst decision was to express your will to kill me at this moment . ” Feng Wu looked into the Qilin Beast’s pleading yet angry and agitated eyes .

“I know you’re pissed and you may even promise not to kill me afterward, but —” Feng Wu smiled . “I know the story of the farmer and the snake . ”

“You —”

The Qilin Beast spoke its own language, but it could understand what Feng Wu was saying .

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