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Chapter 783: 783

783 How“s the Girl Doing?

The ice attribute energy gradually seeped into Feng Wu’s body .

It then met the fire attribute energy .

Whoosh —

There was a sizzling sound, which was expected when water met fire .

But the ice attribute energy was much weaker than its fire counterpart, and it was used up almost as soon as it entered Feng Wu .

However, Feng Wu was able to sense the surging spiritual essence during this process .

She absorbed more, which was consumed, and the process was repeated all over again .

Time passed without her knowing it .

The sun rose, dispelling the darkness .

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Then darkness returned again .

She lost track of time…

Meanwhile, Priest Wu was worried sick in front of the screen .

Grand Secretary Fang returned to find that the screen had gone dark . “What happened?”

Priest Wu smiled bitterly . “Xiao Wu took off her headband . We can’t hear her . ”

“But what happened to the visual?!” Grand Secretary Fang glared at him .

Priest Wu gave him a wry smile . “She’s underground . Come to think of it, that girl is so incredible . ”

He then told Grand Secretary Fang what happened .

Grand Secretary Fang’s mouth fell open . “The girl… is practically a miracle worker!”

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Grand Secretary Fang had thought he would lose Feng Wu for good, but the girl was able to open a new path . She had instructed the tiger cub to lure a Qilin Beast to her location before instigating a fight between the two beasts, which was still ongoing .

From the bait to the actual fight, so many things could have gone wrong and every step could have led to a complete failure .

But Feng Wu had done it .

“That tiger cub is an awesome little thing, too . ” Grand Secretary Fang shook his head with a wry smile .

It had been sleeping in Feng Wu’s pocket all this time and no one knew it could be such a great help in a critical moment like this .

“By the way, what did His Majesty say?” Priest Wu asked .

Grand Secretary Fang shook his head . “The entrance of Proud Snowfield has closed and a lot of work will be involved if we want to open it again before the tryout ends . His Majesty is working on it . ”

He then checked the screen on the left for the current rankings .

The first had changed to Yu Mingye .

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Xuanyuan Yi was second .

And Gongsun Qing was third .

He read all the 200 names . Feng Wu wasn’t there .

Grand Secretary Fang smiled bitterly . When was that girl going to come out of the snow?

Outside Imperial College .

Many were discussing animatedly about the change in the rankings .

“Yu Mingye is first now!”

“What’s so surprising about that? Where else should the sacred son be?”

“Princess Mu Yaoyao fell out of the rankings the other day for some unknown reason, but she’s making her way back up . She’s already tenth . ”

“Speaking of which, Miss Gongsun is so impressive . She fell out of the first 200 the other day, but she’s already third now . ”

“That Feng Wu, on the other hand, never made it into the rankings . It seems she’s really a good-for-nothing . ”

“Of course she is . She’s always been a cripple . No one expected otherwise . ”

“Hey, do you know Duan Chaoge, that friend of Feng Wu’s?”

“What do you think? She’s like Feng Wu’s most loyal minion . ”

“Look, Duan Chaoge is seventh!”

“Wow! That’s really something! Duan Chaoge is seventh and Feng Wu isn’t even in the first 200 . ”

“If Duan Chaoge makes it into Imperial College and Feng Wu doesn’t… Oh god, Feng Wu will be so mad!”

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