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Chapter 784: 784

784 The Peril  Godly Empress Doctor

The rankings on the screen outside Imperial College were updated every hour .

After each update, the new rankings would be sent to all the major families right away .

Northern Feng Mansion .

Lady Northern Feng heaved a long sigh as she read the latest report .

Feng Xun looked at her in bewilderment . “Mother, what was that for?”

Lady Northern Feng said, “What do you think? I’m worried about your sister . If you ask me, she should never have taken part in that tryout in the first place .

“One should always work at what they’re good at and avoid their weak points . Cultivation and spiritual essence weren’t your sister’s forte at all, but she just had to go…”

Feng Xun tilted his head and his eyes darted around .

“What are you thinking?” Lady Northern Feng asked .

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Feng Xun said, “If I can give her a hand…”

“Of course you can! What are you waiting for?!” Lady Northern Feng cast a stern look at Feng Xun . “Do I need to remind you that she’s your sister?”

Feng Xun waved his hands . “I know she’s my sister . I’m just not sure if it’s a good idea to help her with getting into Imperial College . ”

“We can decide that later . Just help her now!” Lady Northern Feng pounded her fist on the table .

Feng Xun nodded . “I’ll go get Boss Jun . ”

Back in Proud Snowfield .

While Feng Wu hid underground, the Qilin Beast and the Ice Fire Beast tore at each other’s throat .

The fierce battle had attracted a lot of the candidates’ attention .

For the first time in days, smoke rose from the snowfield .

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After a few days of searching, more candidates had found each other .

Right now, teams had formed in Proud Snowfield .

Yu Mingye had entered the central area as soon as the tryout started and no one had spotted him since .

Hence, the most capable team at the moment was built around Xuanyuan Yi .

The team members included Xuanyuan Yi, Fang Hai, Luo Zhen, and some other candidates, including Mu Yaoyao .

And the second team was led by Gongsun Qing . Shi Xuan, Tao Shuang, Yin Yi, and Du Jian were among the members .

Ning Chenxi had his own team as well .

“Word is there’s a battle in Zone 2, and a fierce one!”

“I’d love to go have a look —”

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“Are you sure? I don’t think we’re capable enough to go there yet . ”

“How about we join hands and go in together?”

Many agreed to the idea .

In the end, dozens of candidates formed new teams and headed for Zone 2 .

Feng Wu had no idea of the approaching newcomers . Right now, she was still hiding under the snow .

Once the ice attribute energy entered her dantian, it was transformed into spiritual essence and circulated around her body .

Her focus at the moment was solely on her cultivation .

The ice attribute energy kept seeping in before running through her channels in the form of spiritual essence .

It was an addition to the fire attribute energy .

As the ice attribute energy worked its way in, Feng Wu could sense her body being enhanced .

And, to her excitement, the two kinds of energy began to merge .

No matter how much ice attribute energy entered her body, it would be melted down .

Feng Wu had brought some spiritual stones with her . Whenever her spiritual essence ran out, she would draw on the top-grade spiritual stones .

Luckily, she had dug out quite a few spiritual stones from underneath the Fang manor . They were all stored in her ring .

One, two, three…

Once the spiritual stones were drained of spiritual essence, they turned to ash, which Feng Wu would scatter on the ground .

Absorb the ice attribute energy, work it into her body, and turn it into spiritual essence .

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