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Chapter 782

782 Activate the Ice Attribute

It was the tiniest amount, but was enough to wake Feng Wu up!

It was like a few drops of rain falling into a raging fire .


Feng Wu’s heart skipped a beat .

What did that mean?

Had she somehow activated a specialization in the ice attribute?

But didn’t the activation take place when one was young? Was it still possible for adults?

Feng Wu was beyond astonished!

She was so weak that she almost passed out from the excitement .

After taking three deep breaths, Feng Wu was finally able to gather some strength .

With much difficulty, she sat up, then took out a crystal ball from her ring . It was used to examine one’s spiritual essence .

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She pressed a palm to the crystal ball .

Immediately, three colors appeared in it .

The fire attribute took up the biggest section, followed by the earth attribute .

Between the red and the brown was a bluish white belt .

It hadn’t been there before!

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched, and she felt a burst of pleasant surprise!

The water attribute was blue in color, which made that bluish white belt the ice attribute!

Feng Wu was so excited!

Normally, one had to work on their water attribute until they reached a certain stage before the ice attribute could be derived from it . But now…

She had somehow activated the ice attribute directly?

Feng Wu had to take a few deep breaths to absorb the good news!

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Holy shit!

Talk about a blessing in disguise!

The narrow escape from death was only a small price to pay in exchange for what she had gained!

Taking another deep breath, Feng Wu activated her spiritual essence, directing the ice element into her body .

Feng Wu was exceptionally lucky .

Any other day, she wouldn’t have so much ice attribute energy to use .

But now, she was in the middle of Proud Snowfield and was surrounded by an endless supply of ice .

And what was even better —

Feng Wu wouldn’t have been able to consume much ice attribute energy before, but now —

The heat inside her was like a bottomless pit, and no amount of ice seemed enough .

It would be such a waste if Feng Wu didn’t make good use of this opportunity .

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Without hesitation, Feng Wu sat up with much difficulty .

The slightest move caused such excruciating pain, and she almost stopped breathing, but she still managed to sit up with her legs crossed .

It took her several minutes just to get into position . Sweat covered her forehead .

Crack —

A noise made Feng Wu lower her head involuntarily .

She noticed the jade pendant .

It had been on her neck, sticking to the wound where the Ice Fire Beast had bitten her .

The cool jade wasn’t freezing to the touch .

Wait —

Feng Wu spotted a crack on the pendant .

It was a bluish white color .

The color of the ice element…


Feng Wu’s heart skipped a beat .

Could it be that the activation of the ice attribute had something to do with this jade pendant? Was it possible?

Feng Wu wanted to deny it, but a voice in her head kept telling her: Yes, that was it . It was all because of this jade pendant from Jun Linyuan .

Shaking her head, Feng Wu stuffed the pendant back into her pocket .

That could wait . Her top priority now was to absorb the ice attribute energy .

Sitting still, Feng Wu activated her spiritual essence, gradually taking in the ice attribute energy through her skin, blood circulation, breathing…

Feng Wu felt as if she had been split into two halves .

She was hot inside and cold on the outside .

And there seemed to be a wall between the two, stopping them from fusing with each other .

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