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Published at 20th of July 2020 04:30:14 AM
Chapter 781

781 New Hope?

The Ice Fire Beast was furious!

I was only playing nice because you’re from Zone 1 . Are you ever going to stop?!

After being teased by the tiger cub this whole time and seeing its little brother get fried, the Qilin Beast had lost its senses!

It was common for magical beasts to break into fights for no reason .

Hence —

Thump! Thump! Thump!

A fight broke out right away .

Seeing the two finally exchange blows, the tiger cub let out a breath of relief .

It jumped down from the Ice Fire Beast and dashed into a snowdrift . The next time it showed up, it was next to Feng Wu .

“Roarrr —”

The cub boasted about its achievement to Feng Wu .

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But Feng Wu was lying in the snow, her skin damp and cold from sweating profusely .

The cub nudged Feng Wu, but she didn’t move .

It nudged Feng Wu again, but still got no response .

Bewildered, the cub nudged Feng Wu repeatedly as it whined .

Right now, Feng Wu felt as if her head was on fire . The fire then spread out and grew bigger .

The fire spread from inside out and threatened to burn Feng Wu into ashes .

The cub was worried sick! What should it do?

The Qilin Beast and the Ice Fire Beast were fighting a short distance away . The wind picked up the loose snow from the ground and threw it into the air, along with some blood . The air itself smelled of danger .

The cub found it too dangerous to stay here, but it was too little to carry Feng Wu away .

It had no choice but to drag Feng Wu all the way to the foot of a snowdrift, then cover her up with a thick layer of snow .

The cub walked around Feng Wu, so worried that it was in tears .

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Aww —


The cub noticed the jade pendant hanging on Feng Wu’s waistband . It glittered in the darkness .

What was that?

Following its instinct, the cub pulled the pendant off Feng Wu’s waistband, then put it on the wound on Feng Wu’s neck .

It wondered if the pendant could help…

The cub shivered a little in the chilly wind . It then found a comfortable spot in Feng Wu’s arms and closed its eyes .

It was still so young, and it had used up its spiritual essence to lure the Qilin Beast here .

Hm —

The cub soon slipped into deep meditation .

As for Feng Wu —

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It was as if a volcano was erupting inside her body, but at the same time, she was freezing on the outside .

An endless mountain range seemed to separate the inside from the outside, and it felt as if the two sides would never be compatible .

Feng Wu couldn’t move, but her mind had never been so clear .

Was this terminal lucidity?

Feng Wu had a bitter taste in her mouth .

She had considered combining the spiritual energy of two attributes, but —

She had activated the elements of fire and earth, but not ice .

Without the ice element, she wouldn’t be able to merge fire and water together .

Feng Wu was full of utter despair when —

All of a sudden .


Something snapped inside her .

It was as if a thick layer of ice had cracked . The ice then grew thin and collapsed…

That was what seemed to be going on in Feng Wu’s dantian!


Feng Wu thought she could see dots of white light flying around her . They felt like cold breath and looked like pretty snowflakes .

Was she hallucinating?

Feng Wu thought that she was imagining it because she was under the snow . She was fantasizing about having an ice attribute .

“But how can that possible?” A wry smile appeared on Feng Wu’s pale face .

All of a sudden —

The ice began to fly into her body .

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