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Chapter 780

780 Surprise!

“Aww! Hit me and my dad will kill you!” the cub shouted in the language of magical beasts .

Your dad?!

This Qilin Beast was only a cub . Despite its young age, it was savage, extremely powerful, and very proud . It wouldn’t stand for any sort of provocation .

Before the Qilin Beast could reply, the Ice Fire Beast flared up!

Its dad?

Are you kidding me?!

The Ice Fire Beast had no idea that the tiger cub belonged to Feng Wu and only thought that the grudge was between the tiger cub and the Qilin Beast . It bellowed, “I’m not your dad! Get the hell off my head!”

It only wanted to get rid of the other two beasts so that they wouldn’t try to take its prey!

But —

The tiger cub took out an egg from the pouch around its neck .

It was almost half the size of the cub’s body!

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“No!” the Qilin Beast screamed!

But it was too late .

Still sitting on the Ice Fire Beast’s head, the tiger cub aimed the egg at the tip of its horn .

Just like a human being cracking a chicken egg .

Crack —

“Dad, didn’t you say you wanted a fried egg? Fry this one . ” The tiger cub patted the beast’s head .

The Ice Fire Beast was furious!

Since when did it want a fried egg?

Enraged, flames rose from under the Ice Fire Beast’s skin .

Sizzle —

The broken egg on its head was instantly cooked, and really became a fried egg…

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But the Ice Fire Beast had no idea what was happening on its head…


Qilin Beast cried out in disbelief!

Its eyes popped!

That was its little brother!

Its parents had enjoined repeatedly before they left home this morning that it had to take care of its baby brother! But now —

His brother had turned into a fried egg!

The Qilin Beast was infuriated!

It went berserk!

Its eyes turned bloodshot red as rage took over its mind .

Instantly, ice arrows rose up into the air and flew at the Ice Fire Beast!

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“Dad! Dad! Help! Help —”

The tiger cub was so tiny that it could easily hide behind the Ice Fire Beast .

That only infuriated the Qilin Beast further .

Do you think your dad can save you? In your dreams!

The Qilin Beast shifted its murderous gaze to the Ice Fire Beast .

And more ice arrows smashed down .

During the pursuit earlier, the tiger cub had been boasting about its spectacular, formidable dad, who was supposed to be powerful enough to wipe out the entire Qilin Beast race .

The Qilin Beast already held a grudge against this dad because of that, and with what had just happened, it found the Ice Fire Beast even more despicable .

The Ice Fire Beast was infuriated as well .

It was going to have a quiet dinner of the human girl, but this Qilin Beast just showed up out of nowhere and began to attack it!

Did that Qilin Beast think it was going to sit there and take the hits?

The Ice Fire Beast considered itself powerful enough to move into Zone 1 already!

However, intimidated by the Qilin Beast race, the Ice Fire Beast could only grind it teeth . “Qilin Beast, you’ve been misled! That tiger cub isn’t my son! I’m an Ice Fire Beast! How can I have a tiger as a kid?! Are you blind?!”

The Ice Fire Beast was so vexed .

It was still a virgin! How come it was a dad all of a sudden?!

The Qilin Beast smirked .

Your tiger cub boasted about everything to me . Its mother was a Silver Tiger! Are you going to shirk your responsibility now? That’s just ridiculous!

The Qilin Beast didn’t reply, but went on attacking the Ice Fire Beast .

The Ice Fire Beast lost its temper .

“I’ve had enough!”

This Qilin Beast might be a cub, but it was from a superior race that dwelled in Zone 1 in Proud Snowfield .

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