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Published at 20th of July 2020 04:30:18 AM
Chapter 779

779 A Turn for the Better

Feng Wu was ghastly pale .

With the blood loss, she looked dreadful against the white snow .

She was covered in cold sweat, but she was burning inside at the same time .

The chill and the heat made Feng Wu feel like she was being roasted and frozen at the same time .


She ground her teeth together, but couldn’t stop them from chattering .

But what else could she do?

She was hanging on by the skin of her teeth and she couldn’t afford any reckless moves!


Another round of blows rumbled overhead!

The Ice Fire Beast was furious and gloating at the same time .

As a matter of fact, if it exerted all its power, it would have caught Feng Wu already .

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However, the beast had grown proud after its breakthrough, and it was showing off its capability . Right now, it acted like a cat playing with a mouse . It was going to taunt Feng Wu and scare her before dealing the final blow!


There was another round of pounding over Feng Wu’s head .

As time went by, Feng Wu grew weaker and she felt dizzy . Her vision was going dark…

It hurt…

Feng Wu felt as if she had been torn in half!

One side was cold and the other hot!

She felt hot inside and cold outside!

Cold sweat and hot sweat was coming out of her pores at the same time!

It hurt…


Another round of pounding!

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This time, Feng Wu had no strength left to dodge and she had to take the assault with her own body .

Feng Wu’s bloodless face and shivering body finally emerged from under the snow .

In the moonlight, the Ice Fire Beast saw Feng Wu lying in the snow with her eyes closed . It couldn’t tell if she was alive or dead .

Blood was splattered on the snow around her .

The red color was almost blazing against the snow .

There was a greedy look in the Ice Fire Beast’s eyes as it studied the blood on the snow .

Suppressing its urge, it slowly approached Feng Wu, one step at a time .

Closer, closer…

The Ice Fire Beast could smell the fresh blood…

Ssss —

It stuck out its tongue and licked its lips .

That was it . It was done pretending to be patient . It charged at Feng Wu and was ready to eat the human whole .

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It had a premonition!

The human girl was spilling spiritual essence like a fountain!

She was like a ripe fruit!

Swallow her and the Ice Fire Beast would enjoy another upgrade in its capability!

Maybe it would become a Level 8 now!

The Ice Fire Beast was thrilled!

However, at that moment —

Arghhh —

There came a panicked cry, and it was coming this way .

It was in the Ice Fire Beast’s nature to be cautious .

It looked up involuntarily in the direction of the voice .

In the moonlight, a black dot the size of a palm was running this way at tremendous speed!

And a giant magical beast was chasing it in a frenzy!

The giant beast was very powerful, but the little thing in front of it was too nimble . It kept changing directions, throwing the magical beast off-track .

A Qilin Beast?!

The Ice Fire Beast was astonished!

Qilin Beasts formed a powerful community in Proud Snowfield . They had always lived in Zone 1 and were at the top of the food chain!

Why would such a beast show up in Zone 2?

Before the Ice Fire Beast could figure it out, it saw that the Qilin Beast was coming this way!

Feng Wu had left the cub with explicit instructions and it knew what to do!


The cub sprinted, leapt onto the Ice Fire Beast’s back, then climbed onto its head . It then gave vent to a torrent of abuse .

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