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Chapter 778

778 Chase to Kill

The Ice Fire Beast charged at Feng Wu at an unbelievable speed .


An alarm seemed to go off in Feng Wu’s head .


Feng Wu was overwhelmed by a sense of crisis and knew right away that she wouldn’t survive if she let the Ice Fire Beast catch her .

Without hesitation, Feng Wu summoned all her strength and ran as fast as she could!

Run, run, run!

She had never run at such a speed!

But the Ice Fire Beast had discovered her, and it was too late to run!

The beast was gaining on her!

So was death!

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Feng Wu’s stomach lurched and she thought her heart was going to stop!

Was she going to die just like this?

In front of the screen, Priest Wu was worried sick!

That girl! Why wouldn’t she withdraw from the tryout?

“Hit the button! Now!” Priest Wu sent a message to Feng Wu .

The voice came out so loud that Feng Wu thought her eardrums had shattered .

And it made her head spin .

But withdraw from the tryout?

Feng Wu shook her head . That had never been an option for her!

There had to be a way out! There had to be!

All of a sudden, an idea came to Feng Wu!

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Yes! She wouldn’t be able to catch up with the other blue dot, regardless of what kind of magical beast it was, but she could somehow draw it to her . With bait big enough, it could be done!

At that thought, Feng Wu shook the cub awake .

Feng Tutu might be sleepy all the time, but it was a smart and reliable companion in a critical moment like this .

All Feng Wu could use was her own blood .

After smearing Feng Tutu’s neck with her blood, she gave it some instructions, then sent it off .

The Ice Fire Beast caught up to her the moment the cub dashed off .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu muttered an incantation . The next moment, the snow covered her, and she fell even deeper .

The Ice Fire Beast stared at the spot where Feng Wu had been a moment ago, a taunting smile on its face .

That stupid human girl . Did she think she could run away?


The Ice Fire Beast had very acute senses .

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Moreover, now that it had risen to Level 7, its capability had doubled!


It pounded the ground with all its might!

In front of the screen, Priest Wu’s eyes popped .

He was worried sick!

“Feng Wu! Get out now! You’re going to die! You really are! That’s a Level 7 Spiritual Grandmaster magical beast!” Priest Wu shouted in Feng Wu’s mind .

Feng Wu drew in a breath .

She couldn’t afford the distraction anymore . Then, she removed the headband given by Imperial College .

Squeak —

Priest Wu realized that although he could still see Feng Wu, he could no longer hear her voice .

That was to say, she wouldn’t be able to hear him either .

Priest Wu was astonished!

What on earth was the girl going to do?!

Priest Wu was exasperated, but he couldn’t just drag Feng Wu out through the screen . All he could do now was stare at the screen nervously .

Back in the snowfield, Feng Wu was hiding under a snowdrift .

No matter where she hid, the Ice Fire Beast seemed to be able to sense her in advance . It pounded on the ground continuously .

And it was a Level 7 Spiritual Grandmaster!

Each blow created a 10m crater in the ground!

And Feng Wu tried her best to dodge every time .

She was able to narrowly get out of harm’s way .

Over and over again…

Cold sweat rolled down Feng Wu’s forehead as time went by . If one looked closely, they would notice that her face had turned ghastly pale .

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