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Chapter 771

771 The Crucial Momen

“But where are we going to find that Frosty Night Beast? And more importantly, can we beat it?”

Feng Wu was silent .

Just then —

Something howled in the distance!

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched . That sounded ominous .

“What was that?” Feng Wu and Chaoge exchanged looks, and both turned in the direction of the sound .

A snowy white magical beast jumped into sight, then ran toward them at full speed!

“That’s a mean magical beast! What’s going on?” Seeing the intimidating beast with horns sticking out of its head, Chaoge was on edge!

What was more, a candidate was being chased by the beast .

It was a girl so slim that she looked like she could be blown away by the slightest breeze .

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The girl was in a wretched state as she staggered forward . She almost tripped more than once, but managed to regain her balance at the last moment .

Seeing Feng Wu, she cried out, “Run! You people, run!”

After that, she changed direction and led the Ice Fire Beast away from them .

Feng Wu had thought the girl would veer their way with the beast, for the crowd here might draw the beast’s attention away . Once the beast was distracted, the girl might be able to escape danger .

However, at the crucial moment of life and death, the thin girl chose to lure the Ice Fire Beast away from them… Feng Wu found that very touching .

Chaoge looked at Feng Wu, who nodded back at her .

“Stop right there!” Chaoge ran after the beast and began to throw lances at it .

Whoosh —

Ice arrows appeared in Chaoge’s hands and she threw them at the beast .

They missed the beast at first, but as Chaoge picked up speed, the arrows began to hit their target .

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One arrow, two arrows, three arrows —

As soon as the arrows touched the beast’s back, they bounced off a red shield made of fire .

The Ice Fire Beast remained unscratched .

As a result, Chaoge couldn’t draw the beast’s attention away .

Just then —


The thin girl tripped, fell into a pile of snow, and couldn’t get back to her feet right away .

The Ice Fire Beast growled .

It sounded pleased .

After the long chase, it was finally going to have a taste of its prey .

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“Roarrrr!” The Ice Fire Beast roared and was ready to pounce on the girl . It was going to swallow her whole .


At that critical moment, Feng Wu finally caught up to the beast!

Little Phoenix uttered a long and loud cry as flames spurted out of its beak!

The fire successfully broke through the Ice Fire Beast’s defense system!

What happened next was quicker than words could describe . Chaoge threw out seven ice arrows all at once!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

They were aimed at the beast’s forehead, eyes, and heart…

And the arrows hit all their targets .

“Roarrr —”

The Ice Fire Beast bellowed furiously!

That hurt!

These abominable humans!

The Ice Fire Beast had to face the reality: In order to reach the girl, it had to get rid of that sordid bird and that detestable teenage human girl!

Turning around, it charged at Feng Wu!

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes, but she didn’t lash out right away, for she wanted to see what other tricks the beast had .

Little Phoenix and Feng Wu broke into a fight with the Ice Fire Beast right away .

The Ice Fire Beast naturally specialized in both ice and fire attributes, whereas Little Phoenix had the ice attribute and Feng Wu fire . It was an equal match!

Fire and ice exploded around them .

The air froze and burned at the same time .

Raging flames and biting frost fell by turns .

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