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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:18:10 PM
Chapter 770

770 A Bad Feeling

Patting Gongsun Qing’s slim shoulder, Feng Wu said, “Hey, Meatball, here’s the thing . Keep treating people like this and you won’t have any friends left . ”

“I’m not your friend!” Gongsun Qing glared at Feng Wu!

However, at that moment, Feng Wu raised her hand .

Whoosh —

Little Phoenix showered the crowd with another round of fire .

Everyone, apart from Gongsun Qing, was caught off guard .

“What are you doing?!” Gongsun Qing flared up . She tried to run out to help the others .

To Gongsun Qing’s disbelief, she couldn’t throw off Feng Wu’s hand .

“That’s impossible!”

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Gongsun Qing was baffled by the realization .

Exactly how powerful was this Feng Wu?!

Shi Xun and Shi Xuan, Gongsun Qing’s two friends, and Tao Shuang, Yin Yi, Du Jian… everyone was caught inside a circle of fire .

Of course they tried to fight back, but Chaoge was working with Little Phoenix!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

All five of them were on the ground in less than three minutes!

“Let go of me!” Gongsun Qing struggled with all her might . To her disbelief, Feng Wu was so strong that she simply couldn’t break free!

Was Feng Wu really a cripple?

Shi Xun and the others were no match for Chaoge and Little Phoenix . Before long, they were all rolling around on the ground, wailing loudly .

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Chaoge looked at Feng Wu, who nodded back at her .

Chaoge’s eyes lit up!

Grabbing Shi Xuan, Chaoge sucked all the spiritual essence out of the latter’s headband before moving on to Shi Xun, Tao Shuang…

All the headbands were emptied, except for Gongsun Qing’s .

Gongsun Qing was shocked!

They had been working hard and had hunted quite a few magical beasts . By now, everyone had three to four stars lit up . And Feng Wu had stolen their spiritual essence just like that?

“You —”

Gongsun Qing wanted to say something, but Feng Wu took her by surprise and hit her in the carotid artery on her neck with the side of her palm .

Feng Wu was already a much more capable cultivator and there was no way Gongsun Qing could dodge that sudden attack .

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Gongsun Qing’s vision went dark . The last thing she saw was a shadow flitting past her . She then passed out .

Feng Wu took away all the spiritual essence which Gongsun Qing had obtained from hunting .

“Xiao Wu, you’ve absorbed the spiritual essence, but why aren’t your stars lighting up?” Duan Chaoge asked in confusion .

Feng Wu sighed .

She wanted to light up all her stars .

And she wanted to use the spiritual essence for her cultivation .

But the cub had absorbed all the spiritual essence, and there was nothing she could do .

Feng Wu was almost in tears .

Poor Gongsun Qing and her friends . They had been robbed of their spiritual essence because they had talked trash about Feng Wu behind her back .

“That’s not enough! I’m still mad!” Chaoge stomped her foot .

Feng Wu glanced at her . “How about we do it again when they’ve lit up all seven stars?”

“That’s a great idea!” Chaoge was thrilled .

It would be like reaping chives .

They only had one harvest so far . All they needed to do was wait for the leaves to grow, and they would be able to harvest again .

If Gongsun Qing heard their plan, she would have a heart attack .

Chaoge had four stars already, but Feng Wu’s headband remained dim .

“Xiao Wu, where are we going now?” Chaoge asked .

Feng Wu said, “The stars can wait . What’s more pressing now is to find the Frosty Night Beast . It has the Heart of Frost Essence . ”

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