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Chapter 772

772 Danger!

The girl that had been chased here by the beast was dazed on the spot . She hadn’t expected to be saved .

Once she recovered from her initial shock, she ran toward Feng Wu, shouting, “Run! Run, now! This Ice Fire Beast is too advanced for you to handle!”

Feng Wu glanced at her . “And you are?”

“Zhu – Zhu Yingjun…”

“How did you piss it off?”

“I – I just happened to… steal its egg…” Zhu Yingjun showed Feng Wu a palm-sized egg .

Its shell looked translucent and had a pale blue glow . Dense spiritual essence was coming out of it .

“Why didn’t you give it back?” Feng Wu frowned .

“It didn’t want it back,” said Zhu Yingjun . “There were two of them at first, and I tried to give one back, but it wouldn’t even look at it before stomping it to pieces . So I just…”

Zhu Yingjun was still talking when —


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Feng Tutu woke up all of a sudden, opened its mouth, and swallowed the egg whole!

Feng Wu was speechless .

So was Zhu Yingjun .

The Ice Fire Beast turned its head to see that the egg was gone, and the look in its eyes grew savage all of a sudden!

“Roarrr —”

Little Phoenix had almost suppressed the beast, but the latter went berserk without warning!


Chaoge was thrown into the air!

The Ice Fire Beast then pounced at Little Phoenix!

Its speed was unbelievable!

The beast then opened its giant mouth, which looked as bottomless as a black hole .

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And it inhaled, sucking Little Phoenix in its direction .

Little Phoenix, who had been moving nimbly in the air, felt as if it had been sealed in a block of ice . It went as stiff as a stuffed animal and couldn’t even move a muscle .

“Roar —”

The Ice Fire Beast grinned hideously .

It sucked Little Phoenix’s small body into its mouth!

Feng Wu couldn’t just stand there and watch . Moving as fast as she could, she reached the beast the next second .

Gripping the beast’s upper and lower jaw with one hand each, she forced its mouth open!

But that Ice Fire Beast was formidable .

And Feng Wu had to use all her strength to stop it from closing its mouth .

Her slender arms shook, threatening to give out .

The Ice Fire Beast’s crazed eyes seemed to spit fire .

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And the two of them were locked in a stalemate!

Little Phoenix was already in the beast’s mouth . Seeing that the jaws had been forced open, it grabbed the chance to fight its way out!

In the end, it was able to crawl out before its strength gave out .

By then, Little Phoenix was soaking wet with sweat and looked as if it had been swimming .


Seeing the ready meat escape from its mouth, the Ice Fire Beast was beyond furious!

It glared at Feng Wu . Then, a beam of white light shot out from its body .


Feng Wu’s heart sank . The beast had leveled up!

It had been a Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster, but had just become a Level 6 .

And it was a level Feng Wu hadn’t reached yet!

The Ice Fire Beast grinned viciously, eager to taste blood .

This petty human was going to die! The Ice Fire Beast lunged for Feng Wu’s fair, slender neck with its sharp teeth!

Feng Wu twisted, dodging the attack .

As Feng Wu fled this way and that, the Ice Fire Beast ran after her in a frenzy .

Chaoge was exhausted and had collapsed on the ground with a severe injury .

Little Phoenix was recovering in Feng Wu’s arms .

And that poor girl had been smashed to the ground and had passed out .

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